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About Mancora

Máncora is a town located in the north of Peru along the coast. It is known for its beaches and the good surf waves. The town has a little less than 9,000 people, so it has a small-town feel. Máncora is right along the Pan-American Highway. In fact, the Pan-American Highway is Mancora´s main street. This beach town mostly attracts a younger crowd with its fun ambiance and beautiful beaches. The temperature in Máncora doesn´t drop below 25 degrees Celsius in the winter and spring, and can sometimes reach above 38 degrees Celsius in the summertime.

Mancora Beach

Attractions in Mancora

The main tourist attraction in Máncora is surfing. Specifically, las Pocitas Beach is well-known among tourists for one of the best beaches in the area. It is perfect for relaxing, surfing, and other fun beach activities.

Las Pocitas beach

There are many tours available for tourists who wish to get out on the ocean, whether it´s in a boat, kayak, or canoe. There are plenty of surf shops to buy equipment that might be necessary for the excursion that you choose.

The Mud Baths at Zorritos are a fun getaway for those who are sunburned or are looking for a different type of relaxation. These Mud Baths are a 45 minute taxi ride away from Máncora, but the trip is worth it! The site has numerous natural pools of mud, each with different properties that function for different goals (i.e. rid the body of skin allergies, relieve stress, prevent cellulite). The cost of admission is 5 soles.

Museums in Mancora

Máncora is not known for museums. This is a beach town, perfect for relaxing! Take a break from your busy travel schedule to relax on the beach, get a massage, go fishing, do some diving, watch a beautiful sunset, rent jet skis, or learn how to kite surf. There are countless activities that will interest every type of traveller!

Shopping in Mancora

Máncora has an open market where travellers can buy food, though most people prefer to eat out in the town. There are also mini-marts that have water and other daily necessities. There is one handicraft store that sells clothing and jewellery, but other than that, most of the stores in Máncora are surf shops that sell equipment and other necessary surfing items.

Nightlife in Mancora

Because Máncora attracts a young crowd, the nightlife is hopping! One of the most popular places to go is Sirena Café Bar, where they serve both food and drink. This bar is open late and is a great hang out spot. The hostels also offer fun parties, the most popular being Loki Hostel and the Point. This is a great way to meet fellow travellers and connect with the Máncora travel community.

Mud baths Zorritos

Restaurants in Mancora

Aqua is a lovely restaurant that serves seafood, typical Peruvian food, and international dishes. It is open from 5-11 pm from Sunday-Saturday. Known for its delicious ceviche, it has an inviting atmosphere and friendly service.

Ceviche seafood

Café del Mundo is a great place to relax, and is a tranquil place to have breakfast or lunch. It offers international food, their plates costing between 10 and 34 soles.

La Bajadita is the ideal dessert spot. Here, they offer cakes, pies, brownies, and other pastries. It is open 10am-10pm from Tuesday-Sunday. In addition to their delicious pastries, they serve breakfast and other small plates for 10-30 soles.

Green Eggs and Ham is a popular breakfast restaurant for tourists, as it has a typical big American breakfast. It offers French toast, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and other delicious breakfast foods. It is open from 7:30am-4:30pm every day, and plates cost between 45-55 soles.

Some restaurants in Mancora

Donde Teresa is a wonderful Peruvian restaurant that serves typical Peruvian dishes, such as ají de gallina and various seafood plates. This restaurant is a bit more expensive, with its main dishes costing a minimum of 95 soles. The delicious food, however, is well worth it!

Relaxing beach

Travel Information for Mancora

Mancora is located in the North of Peru and easily reached via the Panamerican Highway. Busses from Lima leave on a daily basis to the beach town. A trip by bus from Lima takes about 20 hours. From Mancora, it is convenient to reach the northern cities Piura, Chiclayo and Trujillo, or even cross the Ecuadorian border.

Some Peruvian Airlines also offer flights from Lima to the city of Talara – from here you need to take a bus for roughly 1-2 h to reach Mancora. Busses from Talara to Mancora and back leave several times every day.

Taxis and mototaxis are available for transportation in and around Máncora. Mototaxis are perfect for traveling around the heart of Máncora, and taxis are ideal for traveling further distances, for example to another beach along the road.

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