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Peruvian Jungle Guide: Tambopata y Manu


About Madre de Dios

Madre de Dios is a department in Peru filled with gorgeous rainforests and a wildlife reserve for endangered species. It is home to many indigenous cultures that have been there for thousands of years and has managed to maintain its authenticity due to its location.

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Madre de Dios is located in the Amazon region of south-eastern Peru, bordering Brazil and Bolivia. Puerto Maldonado is the capital of the department Madre de Dios – the capital can be found in Tambopata, one of the three provinces in the department.


The weather in Madre de Dios can be characterized as hot and humid with temperatures ranging from 25 to 30ºC or 77 to 86ºF. In June and July however, the temperature can fall drop due to wind coming from the South. The rainy season usually begins sometime in November and holds on until April.

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Attractions in Madre de Dios

Many travellers who visit the department of Madre de Dios, start their tour in Puerto Maldonado, the capital of the region. Here, you can visit the main square, eat in local restaurants and enjoy your time before or after an exciting jungle trip. Two popular natural parks can be found in Madre de Dios and offer tourists the exciting possibility to experience the Peruvian rainforest: Manú National Park and Tambopata Nature Reserve.

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There are some festivals in and around Madre de Dios which are worth visiting. Starting in the beginning of February until the end of March, the Peruvian Carnival plays an important role in Madre de Dios. Colourful parades and competitions of different carnival groups as well as fun beauty pageants take place in the main streets of the city during this time.

On June 24th, the Saint John Feast is celebrated, celebrating the symbolic meaning of water as a crucial element in the Amazon region and donor or life.

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The Puerto Maldonado Anniversary is held on July 10th. During this week of celebrations, food tastings, beauty pageants and different competitions take place. The NDO EDN DARI Festival, also called the Festival of My Land, is held on September 27th. This festival outlines the meaning of the Amazonian cultural identity. However, the most important event in the region is the Anniversary of Madre de Dios, which takes place on December 26th, but already starts the night before with music and dances.

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