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Jobs in Peru

If you are looking for a gap year or a job abroad, Peru will give you really good opportunities for working abraod ; for a few months, or even longer. You will certainly not be the only one: since the end of the seventies and beginning of the eighties, when the first backpackers came to Peru, many of them decided to stay; for instance in the beautiful, peaceful Sacred Valley of the Incas, close to Cusco.

During the years and with tourism in Peru increasing, more and more jobs in Peru were created, especially in the tourist sector (travel agencies, hotels, bars, restaurants) and as well for English teachers. So more and more foreigners decided to settle down in Peru for a while, especially in Lima and, above all, in Cusco.

Nowadays Peru offers great opportunities for those who are interested in working in Peru, both if you are looking for (paid) jobs or if you want to Volunteer in Peru.

Practical information about Employment in Peru

The tourist visa stamp you get in your passport upon arrival will officially not allow you to work and getting a working permit in Peru is a bit complicated. However, many employers will also hire you without a working visa. In that case, you need to cross the border with Bolivia or Chile every 90 days so you can re-enter Peru with a new visa. You can do this a few times. Some Peruvian employers will help you to get a working visa. This takes long ( 6 – 12 months).

Work at Dos Manos

If you are interested in working in Peru for either a longer (1 – 2 years) a shorter period of time ( 3 – 12 months), Dos Manos Peru offers different job opportunities, depending on your specific skills, the season and our projects. In general we can say that we do have work on a regular base for people with a background in marketing, community management, journalism, photography, and computer science. Also if you have experiences working in a travel agency or an extensive experience traveling in Peru, please contact us. For some positions we offer local salaries whilst other positions include free bed & board, in combination with free Spanish classes at our partner AMAUTA Spanish School.

What we offer is a great opportunity to live, work and travel in Peru in a nice international team in Cusco.

Please contact us to inquire about our current vacancies.

Job vacancy in Cusco

AMAUTA Spanish School and Dos Manos Peru are looking for a new colleague to work with us at our Sales and Booking Department in Cusco, Peru. We need you to be a native speaker of English with a good command of the Spanish language, available for at least 12 months.


  • correspondence with future clients by email
  • Design travel plans, provide usefull information for travellers
  • Process reservations
  • Translations, textwriting, updte promotion materials.

We offer:
The unique possility to work and live in Cusco, be part of a great, international team, improve your Spanish skills, work in a multi-cultural ambience and live in the former Capital of the Inca Empire.

We offer local salaries with several benefits.
If you are interested please write and send your motivation letter and CV to

Volunteer in Peru

Peru and especialy the area of Cusco offer many opportunties for different kind of volunteer placements. One of the most important providers of volunteer work in Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas is AMAUTA Spanish School.

Volunteer in Peru
AMAUTA offers a Volunteer Program that includes Spanish classes, accommodation in the student residence in the city center of Cusco or with a local Peruvian homestay, extra free cultural activites and many other benefits.

AMAUTA works with and supports over 25 different volunteer projects in the field of education, social work, tourism, catering, cultural work, ecological work. Most placements are in Cusco but there are also possibilities to volunteer in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Individual volunteer placements in Cusco start any Monday throughout the year. There are also opportunities to sign up for one of their fixed starting dates: on those dates a small group of volunteers start together at a specific project that has requested a specific support to AMAUTA: for instance, to built a green garden, to paint a school, to built a computer room, and so on.

All volunteers pay a volunteer fee. This fee covers administration costs, free activities during your placement, a welcome dinner, a pickup from the airport in Cusco, one free Spanish lesson weekly, a certificate, a project visit and 24/7 support of the AMAUTA staff, and, specifically, of the volunteer coordinator.

But most of the fee is a donation to the project where you will be placed. AMAUTA supports all projects in different ways, among others, financially with a donation for each volunteer that is placed at the project. Projects can also count on the continuous support of AMAUTA in case they need to organize a special activity for the children, or they need a special donation. For instance: for medicine, for a child that needs help, for a scholarships to buy a computer when needed, to help them out with any ‘emergency’.

If you are interested in doing volunteer work in Peru, please contact AMAUTA Spanish School. You can start any Monday throughout the year.

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