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Our Travel Experts

Staff Katy

Katy Rondón Torres

General Manager in Cusco

Katy plays an important role in the organizational processes of Dos Manos in Cusco. She has been the head of the local staff in Cusco since 2013 and takes care of the local administration – in summary, Katy is our expert for all questions that have to do with successfully managing a business in Peru! Us all at Dos Manos unifies the love for Peru and traveling, Katy – who also finalized a career in Biology, next to her Master in Business Administration,- has worked in the Peruvian rainforest before settling down at Dos Manos.
Staff Meike

Meike Zimmermann

Marketing & Social Media Management

Meike is originally from Germany, where she has studied Tourism as a part of Human Geography. She joined the Dos Manos Team in 2016 taking care of the “virtual presence” of our company. Meike is behind our Social Media accounts and blogs and makes sure our customers find the proper info online! Have you taken part in one of the Dos Manos Webinars? If yes, then you have probably already met her!
Staff Indie

Indie Van Herzeele

Sales and Customer Service

Indie is our Belgian expert in Sales and Reservations - most likely, the first steps towards your great adventure in Peru will be organized by her! Fluent in Dutch, Flemish, English and Spanish, Indie joined our travel expert team in 2016. She is passionate about making wonderful experiences in Peru possible for travelers from all over the world. Indie doesn´t only love to put smiles on the faces of happy travelers – in her free-time, she volunteers at a local day-care center in Cusco for deprived families.
Staff Marielle

Mariëlle Krul

Programs Manager

Mariëlle maintains the contact to all our partners throughout Peru and neighboring countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, and others. As our Manager of Programs, she designs new programs and opportunities for our clients and is on a constant look out for new partners. Mariëlle is stationed in the Netherlands and has lived in Spain among other countries. Her extraordinary organizational talent and personal fascination with Latin America makes her the expert on our Dos Manos programs!
Staff Flor

Flor de Maria Acurio Zevallos

Executive Operations: Trekking & Tours

When she started working with Dos Manos Peru in 2015, Flor already brought in a whole lot of experience through her studies in tourism as well as long years of working in the tourism-sector in her hometown, Cusco. This makes Flor the local expert in our team for the organization of beautiful tours and trekking adventures for our valued clients: whatever detail or tour itinerary needs to be planned out, Flor can make it happen!
Staff Janna Luz

Luz Marina Surco Ochoa

Executive Operations: Reservations & Bookings

Luz counts to the members of our staff that we have recruited recently in Cusco – she is one of our local experts and takes care of the tour reservations and bookings to make possible the wonderful journeys our clients will experience! Luz brings in a whole lot of experience from former positions in the travel-sector in Cusco.
Staff IT Team

Paulo Cano & John Valero

IT Department

Paulo and John make up our local Peruvian IT and Programming Team. Paulo joined our international team in 2013 – John is part of Dos Manos since 2016. These two web experts mostly do their magic in the background – the results of their work, however, are a crucial part of our agency’s online visibility!
Staff Janna

Sidrah Batool Qureshi


Janna, from Germany, is our Intern at Dos Manos in Cusco this year. No - she doesn´t make Coffee (maybe a Coca Tea). Janna helps us with local publicity in Cusco, customer service and everything else that grants her a good insight on the work around tourism and travel in Peru! Janna loves to work with different nationalities and in various languages which is why she fits perfectly into the travel team of Dos Manos Peru in Cusco!.

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