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It was a marvellous experience!

I recently booked an excursion with Dos Manos to Puno and the Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca.

It was a marvelous trip and I really enjoyed it!
The transport was perfectly arranged and everything else went as planned.
First I stayed in a wonderfull hostel with private room and bathroom. The morning after I went to the floating Islands of Uros. That was a marvelous experience. Our guide spoke fairly well English and made a real nice show of it. That night we slept on the island Amantani at the house of a typical indigenous family and witnessed how they really live. We have also seen a traditional party, fantastic!

The next day we went to the island Taquile and did a great hike. Allthough I got sunburned I had a great time, thanks to Dos Manos.


Dos Manos, All,
Thank you! You really came through for us in arranging our custom travel in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Our guide, Percy, was knowledgeable and good company. Everything was high quality and reliable. Thanks for all the time and personal attention and for the futbol tickets!
Hope we meet again soon.

Christine Kelash

A beautiful trek!

What a beautiful trek, Simon was an excellent guide - funny, knowledgeable and very kind. He definetely made the trip. Also Claudio, our cook eas excellent. He was kind and did an excellent job preparing gluten free food for my husband with a weak allergy. Thank you!

Matthew Kelash

Excellent guide!

We loved Simon! He is an excellent guide and a very nice person. The meals were great and the camp was always ina good spot. We would recommend Dos Manos to anyone.

Rick Mol

The Inca Trail was incredible!

The Inca Trail was incredible! Even though it was a bit hard, this was an experience I'll never forget. Everything was taken care off; Manuel, our guide, was very knowledgeable about Incan Culture. The food was really good too, and somehow the cook managed to bake a cake! Dos Manos did a really good job organising this trip, they have thought about everything: Equipment, food and guide were excellent!

Lars Gomard

A passionate and interesting experience!

The Lake Titicaca. A very special and unique place in the world for its nature and its well-located villages like the floating islands and the other islands. The excursion with Dos Manos was a passionate and interesting experience. I stayed one night with a native family in their house and we had three dinners while encountering a very friendly and emotional family. To be a part of the family for a short time and to see how they live their live was one of the highlights for me.

Raphael et Murielle
Raphael et

The guide is a mine of knowledge and kindness!

hi, just cominig back to france!
The words are too weak to express the enjoyement of the trek! FIRST of all the team was really excellent: professional, nice, enough discret, enough energic, then brillant. Concerning the food, we just think that THE COOK can find a new position in Paris as a cooker! Just kidDing but OUR only regret is not to have TAKEN photos of his dishes as their were really incredible! He is a genious. The people who cared of the "mule" were really nice too and incredibly HELPFULL. AND last but not least THE GUIDE, a mine of knowledge and of kindness!
Concerning the trek, Chokequirao is really a beautiful site, I can say that now, as I can compare IT to Machu Pichu! The peaceful, the long way to reach the site make it incredibly fascinating.
So, again thank you DOS MANOS, and I will for sure recommand your Agency (as we've already DONE in Cusco)!

Raphael Galandrin

I had a really good day!

Trip to Qeswachaka was impressive and the lakes are beautiful, so is the bridge. The food was also good. I had a really good day.

Christina Nocker

"I loved the tour to Qeswachaka organized by DOS MANOS. The bridge, the ceremony, the scenery, it's all really impressive."

Maaike Kuijpers

It is really heavy, but it is really beautifu!

I participated in the excursion route X-zone - Uchuy Qosqo and it was very cool!. We really had to hike a lot, but the beautiful views made me forget that. The meals were perfect, the camp was okay and the guide was really nice. You really have to go too!! (but only when you don't have a cold or something). It is really heavy, but it is really beautiful and after a steep, tiring walk, you really feel on top of the world!!!

Rianne Mones

The environment was absolutely beautiful!

The hike Uchuy Qosqo was very hard and very very long. But the group was really nice, the environment was absolutely beautiful and the food was very good!!

Sabine Hendriks

I really enjoyed joining the group

The hike X zone Uchuy Qosqo is really great if you like to walk through the mountains!! I really enjoyed joining the group and sleeping in tents!!

Mary Lou Goossens
Mary Lou

It was an amazing experience

Hello everybody!!
I just did a hike of 5 days to Choquekirao and back. It was really amazing!! The nature was so astonishing and the ruins were situated in a very beautiful place; on the top of a hill, surrounded by mountains, clouds and rivers! At this moment they are still cleaning up the hill, because actually the whole mountain is covered by ruins. Now you see just the main ruins on top of the hill and some at other points of the hill, but I think when they removed the vegetation from the ruins in a couple of years, it is so big as a village (way bigger than Machu Picchu) and enormously impressing!! Now I am glad that I saw it in this stage with people working on the cleaning of the ruins and now it is not so touristic yet, but I am sure that in a couple of years I will go back to admire all of the ruins! It was an amazing experience and the whole trip was really well organized!!
Really cool, and very nice if you want to do a trip which is a bit harder than the 4 days Inca Trail!!

Aart Henk Goossens
Aart Henk

Breathtaking views

I did the 2 day Incatrail with Dos Manos travel agency. The arrival at MachuPicchu and the tour at the site made the whole trip unforgettable!! The enthusiasm of our guide Nancy and the breathtaking views made the trip absolutely a must!!

Martijn Sonderwal

You haven´t done Peru without doing the Inca trail!!

The Incatrail of 2 days is really a great route!! We had a guide with a high interest level of her job and good knowledge of history. All together it was really nice and I should say: you haven´t done Peru without doing the Inca trail!!

Tamara Hooijman

What a view!

At the 5th of November we went with a group of 14 persons to the Inca-Trail. Early we met for breakfast and then went to Ollantaytambo with the bus. Immediately we were impressed: On a parking lot they prepared a whole table for us with chairs and pools to clean our hands... everything was great! For our group there were 2 leaders and 20 packers. They carried the tents, food and other important things. We had our own bolstered sleeping bags and mats. Die first day had a walk of 14 km where we went from 2500m up to 3000m. We stopped regularly as I was not at 100% but I made it. Norma stayed in the back to catch the slower ones of us. Die landscape was beautiful and we stopped at a ruin and had lunch. Unbelievable! They built up a tent where we ate a 4 course meal with 14 people. Very tasty food, also for vegetarians, every day. Die first day was beautiful in terms of weather on the camping site, the tents were also built up already.

We got woken up at the next day with hot tea in the bed at 6 am. We put some tea in our cups and met the carriers at breakfast. He was a man of 60 years!! They are astonishing people who walk this trail with 25 kg on their back. This day we got from 3000m up to 4200m, the Dead Woman's Pass. Then we went down on 3600m for 10km. At the third day we woke up at 5 in the morning because it was the longest day (16km). At the beginning we planned to go up to 3900m and then go down to 2600m. I go better up than I go down. What a pain in the knees and muscles. I feel like an old woman. I cannot understand why these steps are so high as I am taller than an Incan woman. The landscape is definitely worth it. To see the ruins at good weather was fantastic. It was foggy so we didn't see everything but we saw nice mountains and many flowers and Calibri's. In the tent again it was possible to take a hot shower, which was really good. We went to drink something in the camp, said goodbye to the carriers and shared a bottle of Rum.

Next day at 3.50 am (!) we got taken out of bed, this time without tea. We had to hurry up to go to Machu Picchu as one of the first groups. Finally we stood there as the second group when they opened the sun gate, where you see Machu Picchu for the first time. What a view. Unbelievable that the Incas took all the trees from that mountain and built their fortress on it. And they just found it in the 20th century!

Marieke van der Lelie

Really four star meals!

I heard many stories about bad experiences about the Inca Trail because of lousy food, lazy guides, and so on. Therefore, I´m very glad about the fact that I booked my trail with Dos Manos, I don´t have any complaint. The guides, as well as the porters (maybe even more) did a marvellous job! The food was so good, that it felt like we were in a restaurant! Realy four star meals!

The Inca Trail is for me a once in a lifetime experience, and I wouldn´t wanted to miss it! Dos Manos made it a fantastic experience for me!

Marieke Gans

I really had a great time!

I went on the Inca Trail 20th November and I really had a great time. Dos Manos had everything good arranged. Tea every morning, good camping stuff and very good food!! (I'm still wondering how that was possible......) Our guide was very nice and told a lot about everything. The history of Inca, the ruins. At MP he also told a lot, very interesting. Other people who didn't have such a good guide were very jealous! When we arrived back at Cusco, there was someone to pick us up, what was quite a nice surprise!!

Peter Bognar

An unforgettable tour

The Inka trail was excellent. All your Equipment was good and our two guides, Manuel and Alex where great. They made us an unforgettable tour on this 4 day and also all porters were very friendly, and helpful for all our requests. Please transmit them our acknowledgement for their work!

Nathan Vermeiren

The trek is exhausting but was worth it

Two weeks ago I did the Inca Trail with Dos Manos and it was amazing. The guide new the history and the food was delicious and the services excellent. The trek is exhausting but was worth it. The views were astonishing. The trip is something incredible and I cannot explain it by using only words. I recommend to do that when you are in Peru

Bettina Dworschak

A big thank you!

Dear team of Dos Manos, we enjoyed the Inca trail with you from the beginning until the end! At the beginning we didn't know what is expecting us but then, the service of the porters, especially the food of Sebastian and our guide Manuel were great! Sometimes it was a bit of a luxury for us because when we arrived at the camps, the tents were already set up and we could already wash our hands to eat the large amount of food, also everything in the mountains was great. A big Thank you to the group and all the others!
For us it was very interesting to have conversations with you and we hope that we were a great group for you guys!
Again, thank you very much for the Inca Trail!
Bettina Dworschak, Austria, Thomas Vesely, Austria, Doris Hahn, Austria.

Heather Lefevre

The entire trip was planned to the smallest detail

Dos Manos,

I could not be more pleased with this trip. The entire trip was planned to the smallest detail. We all felt that our health and security was well cared for, the food was delicious and presented beautifully and with much care, every person we came in contact with from Dos Manos was extremely respectful and kind. Manuel was incredibly knowledgeable about the Incan Culture, the animals and vegetation along the trail. He was also willing to help me to practice my Spanish.

I will recommend this Inca Trail to every single person I know in the United States!!
Muchisimas gracias, Heather Lefevre

Andra and Giedris Klivecka
Andra and Giedris

Everything was high quality and reliable

Dos Manos, All, Thank you! You really came through for us in arranging our custom travel in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Our guide, Percy, was knowledgeable and good company. Everything was high quality and reliable. Thanks for all the time and personal attention and for the futbol tickets! Hope we meet again soon.

Fabienne Poilane

Everything was well organised

Dos Manos, All, Thank you! You really came through for us in arranging our custom travel in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Our guide, Percy, was knowledgeable and good company. Everything was high quality and reliable. Thanks for all the time and personal attention and for the futbol tickets! Hope we meet again soon.

David Morotte, Eric Desbiens, Georges Riachy, Guillaume Bazinet
David Morotte, Eric Desbiens, Georges Riachy, Guillaume Bazinet

This tour was simple perfect!

This tour was simple perfect! Our guide Manuel was just great, knowledgable, losâ??t of knowledge about Inca, nature, wilderness, botamicals. He was also very sharp, always on time, always helping every one with our equipment. He was very caring of the entire group: us, 4 canadiens, the dutch "princesa" and the 2 americans (a group of 7). Manuel was a leader and for a great spirit a along the inca trail.
Also, a special note for Sebastián, the cook. We ate during the four days like we never thought it could be posible in a tour like this.
The food was just incredible, better than in some of the best Cusco restaurants! We will recommend "Dos Manos Agency" to all our friends back in Canada!! .

Pablo, Marius, Veronique and Frederic Foubert
Pablo, Marius, Veronique and Frederic

Our guide Jhon did a great job. His English is good, he is knowledgeble,and has a nice personality. Also the cook was very nice and the food was great.

Krystyna Orzechowsur

"Our guide Jhon did a great job. His English is good, he is knowledgeble,and has a nice personality. Also the cook was very nice and the food was great."

Hanneke Van Niele

I was also impressed by the meals that our cook prepared on the campsites

Our guide explained took good care of the whole group. I think everybody has had a good time with him and lots of fun. I was impressed by his language skills and I was also impressed by the meals that our cook prepared on the campsites. It was enough, healthy and tasted good! Also the camping equipment was fine, especially the tents were fine (the sleepingmats a little bit hard). The horseman has talien good care of our luggage and the other equipment.

Thomas Van Niele

I really loved the popcorn after a long day of walkings!

Jhon was a great guide. He guided us through the ruins of Machupicchu in a perfect way. Along the trek he told us a lot about all the plants and places we came across. He speaks beautiful English. I â??m very glad he was our guide on this tour. The horseman was also outstanding. He was always running and helping with everything. He took good care of us and the horses. Our cook made some great meals. I really loved the popcorn after a long day of walkings! Teatime rules!!

Sibylle Jaeggi, Ruth Regez
Sibylle Jaeggi, Ruth Regez

well organised, wonderful, nature and full of new experiences

The tour was great: well organised, wonderful, nature and full of new experiences. The guide was very helpful, friendly, he explained a lot, reliable, patient. Also the food was very good and the horseman was very friendly and hard working. THe tents were clean and o.k.

Steve Shealy

A truly exceptional trip! Daniel is a gifted guide with an interesting personality

Jordan Dye

I would highly recommend this tour to others. I very much appreciated Daniel's knowledge of the Inca history, the trail, nature, as well as his good humour and patience. His knowledge of the people and the communities that we hiked through was great. All in all he took excellent care of us.
I also thoroughly enjoyed George's excellent meals. I felt as though I was eating in an excellent restaurant the dishes were consistently delicious.
The horseman, Valentin, was also very supportive in our travels. We had an excellent support team.
Iâ??m very happy with the trek itself. The views were incredible, as were the trails, the people and the communities that we passed through. Thank you so much. If I left Peru today, I would be very satisfied with my time here and with Dos Manos.

Shari Maiers

Everything was wonderful

Everyone was wonderful. Everything was wonderful. Perfect! I would always ask for Ruben as a guide. He is knowledgeable, polite, and fun. Everything was arranged well (perfect!) for our ease and enjoyment. I will recommend Ruben, Donado, Walter and Dos Manos to everyone!

Deborah Carfagino

"Overall it was a great experience. Ruben was wonderful and the food was excellent. Thank you!"

Anna-Maria, Timo Kumpulainen, Anitta and Antero Koistine
Anna-Maria, Timo Kumpulainen, Anitta and Antero Koistine

Our whole trip was fantastic

I would like to thank you for all your help with our plans in Peru this month. You're help was priceless . Our whole trip was fantastic and we were amazed about everything that we saw and experienced. We were taken by the Peruvians hospitality and kindness. What can I say, Peru is perfect and we hope to visit it again soon!! All of us would love to thank the people that were with us at the Colca Canyon tour. Our tour guide Henry was the best we have had as he was so excited about everything in that area and he was very knowledgeable. He made our trip a lot very interesting and we learned a lot of new things. Our driver was also great!!I WILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND DOS MANOS!!!

So thank you, Vanise, and everyone who has been there to help us with our trip.

Yves Leclerc

Your team is unbelievable!

When we came to your agency, it was for info on Salkantay trail. My wife and me are bilingual (French & English). We talked to Joseph a guy who speaks Spanish and French. He was so kind and helpful to reassured my wife about the trek. He replied to all questions than she had. Then after, you helped us to make reservation for our trip in the jungle. Also, Joseph recommended some restaurants, considering the foods and ambiance than we tried to find. We appreciated so much his recommendation specially for Kukuly restaurant. It was so good.

So, your team is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for your time, patience, information. Our trip in Peru was a success thanks to you. Long life to Dos Manos!

Alex Philips

I'd like to thank u and Joseph at Dos Manos for your help arranging our Lares Trek.
Also I'd like to add a personal reference for Simon our Trekking guide; he was excellent.
He was very clear with his english, indepth knowledge of the Inca's history and Macchu Picchu.
His whole persona & energy was inspiring thoughout our trek, which kept us going. I would totally recommend him to anyone looking for a personal insight in to Peru. Thanks again and look forward to booking another trip with u when I return.

Adam Rice

We had a great time!

Just wanted to send you a note back from our trip. We had a great time, everything worked out really good,,the service by you and your company was excellent !!! You guys did really a nice job with the entire program. Thanks again, and take care

Katie Weatherup

I'm profoundly impressed with Dos Manos

The tours were wonderful! The guides took such good care of us and the whole group loved them. We were in great hands and they had a wonderful sense of the group, our interests and where to take us. I was also impressed by the driver. He did a great job, keeping the ride smooth. I appreciated that he was so careful, especially compared to some of the cab rides we had. When it started to rain, he got a trap on top of the van. We all appreciated the way they went above and beyond, like helping us to order food and holding onto our pottery purchases. Your communication at Dos Manos has been great as well. I appreciate how clear and easy and reliable it was to work with you. All and all, I'm profoundly impressed with Dos Manos and look forward to working with you for future trips.

Georgi Hristov

It was the best trip in my life!

Thank you so much for your professionalism during our tour in Peru and Bolivia! It was the best trip in my life! I am in love with Peru and I think ogf breating a special website to advertise your magical country! I am glad I have already friends like you in Peru

Mikael Staffas

I was amazed

I would like to thank you for an excellent program for our trip Peru and Bolivia. The program was well thought through and all the practical aspects went very well. I was amazed at how all the transfers came on time and all the hotels worked out fine. Thanks!


"Thanks for everything! Balantyne our guide was so terrific. Friendly, patient and knowledable. We will be sure to recommend him and the horseback tour to others!!"

Phil & Denise Shelton
Phil &

Great quality of service & very helpful

Really excellent trip to Peru arranged with Dos Manos whilst in the UK. Lots of help sorting & finalising Itinery & once in Peru it went like clockwork. Great guides, no skimping on arrangements ( as we found with others on tours ) great quality of service & very helpful in sorting alternatives in country due to closure of Machu Picchu. We would recommend DM to any travellers going to Peru knowing that you'll be well looked after.
Thanks Vanise.

Joao Batista de Lima

".. And when I arrived in Cusco with my family, I didn´t have to worry about anything. Dosmanos did everything .... Thanks everyone."

Helen Raywood & Andy Stumpf
Helen Raywood &

We had a great time with no problems

Many thanks for arranging our trip. We had a great time with no problems and enjoyed it mucho.
The staff at the hotels in Puno and Cusco was really helpful; the city tours were informative and very useful in orientating ourselves in Lima and Cusco. Our trek was great and we had a good group and bonded over numerous cervezas! Our guide was very conscientious and attentive. We had a fantastic time and lots of memorable moments.

Roberto Pavanello

Wonderful memories

Dear Luciana
Thanks so much for the unforgettable day yesterday at Machupicchu. Everything was perfect and the place is just wonderful. Now, I will go to Lima, Iquitos and Huanuco and after I will return to Italy with wonderful memories of Machu Picchu. Thanks again and kind regards.

Margareta Eklund


We absolutely enjoyed our trip to Peru and Chile. The arrangements made by Dos Manos were outstanding and the tour guides were very knowledge. To me it meant a lot to visit Peru. We all are really happy and full of new impressions. Thank you again for your high quality service and making this holiday even more special.

Li-Chun Li Chio

I'll definitely pass on the experience to my friends

Tours: Cusco City/Sacred Valley/Machu Pichu/Lima City
Dos Manos, I want to thank you for all the arrangements you made for our Machu Picchu trip. It was amazing and I'm proud to tell you all three of us (added together close to 200 years old) climbed up to the top of Wayna Picchu. It took us almost 4 hours.
Upon our return to Cusco around 10:30 pm, we were surprised that someone was waiting for us to help us with our transfer to the hotel. Thanks again and I'll definitely pass on the experience to my friends!

Miriam Beurer

"We did the Inca Trail and it was impressive. The Dos Manos guide is very friendly and he played a big part in the great time we had. Thanks to all!"

Sherry Y Guo
Sherry Y

More than satisfying

I would like to send my greetings and appreciation to the whole team of Dos Manos Travel Agency, and especially to the Sacred Valley tour guide, for the excellent time we had. All of our tours were more than satisfying. Thanks for all the great arrangements!

Leonardo Plaza Dalibera

Very pleased with the service provided

I want to thank Dos Manos for the excellent service during my visit in Peru. It really was a success in a wonderful and welcoming country like Peru. All those responsible for my transfers, tours and guides were very caring people, friends and partners so I am very pleased with the service provided. Congratulations to Dos Manos and partners; I always will be recommending you to colleagues who want to get to know Peru!

Jenny Van Orden

Dos Manos did a fantastic job!

Dos Manos did a fantastic job organizing our stay in Cusco!! We wanted it all: Spanish lessons, tours of the city, Sacred Valley Tour and Machu Picchu, time to buy souvenirs, real life exposure to the Spanish language and reliable transportation all within our time constraint of three days. Dos Manos not only provided all these items, but also kind, friendly Spanish teachers through the Spanish School AMAUTA who accompanied us on our journey. Thank you Dos Manos!

Reta Van Orden

Wonderful experience

We had a wonderful experience through Dos Manos Travel Agency and the associated Spanish language institute AMAUTA cusco. Jenny, my sister-in-law, and I were in Cusco for three days and we felt very safe and very well taken care of while there. It seemed there was always someone to meet us- from the time we got off the plane, to our host family, to those coming to get us for the Cusco city tour and Sacred Valley tour. Even when getting off the train for Machu Picchu there was someone to take us to our hostel and again when returning, there was someone with our names for a bus ride returning to Cusco. Thanks for the royal treatment throughout our stay. We will recommend your program and agency to others!

Constantin Buda

Well organized and well done

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL of you at Dos Manos travel agency in Cusco for a trip well organized and well done. The whole Machu Picchu trip worked out perfect and the itineraries were great, as we had plenty of time to enjoy our hike up to Huayna Picchu. Thank you again and when we come next time to Peru, you can count on us that we will book our trip with you!

Meagan Kovacs

Ollantaytambo with Dos Manos was so great!

Our mountain biking trip in the area of Ollantaytambo with Dos Manos was so great! Unfortunately, we had a problem booking our Machu Picchu tickets but our biking tour guide was so friendly and helpful enough to bring us across town to the ticket office and helped us to purchase them. We had a fantastic time biking through the wonderful countryside of the Sacred Valley. I had not packed enough warm clothes so the driver took off his gloves and borrowed them to me! The guide and Dos Manos Travel Agency in Cusco made sure we had the best time possible and want to thank all profusely. :)

Walther Alejandra Calderon
Walther Alejandra

Overwhelmed with the personal treatment

“I wish to thank all the staff of DOS MANOS for their excellent attention. I was overwhelmed with the personal treatment when being picked up from the airport and being brought directly to the train station.

I congratulate DOS MANOS for their professionalism in organizing my visit to Machu Picchu under such time constraints. Everything was being taken care of!”


Ángel Leiva

I couldn't have asked for a better team

Thank you Dos Manos, for helping me and my friends enjoy an awesome Incas Trail hiking trip. It was my second Incas Trail, but it felt 100 times better than the first time, with all the preparation and services your tour package offered. I couldn't have asked for a better team than the one you arranged for us, with the guides leading the team. Special thanks to Luciana from the office for all her help with the reservations.

Christian Uhl

Those impressions will last forever

Thank you Dos Manos for the great trek! And special thanks to all the guys that made our trek so wonderful! We truly got to experience a special part of Peru in the most appropriate way - hiking and camping. And those impressions will last forever. Especially, since everything went so smooth and was perfectly organized.

Christina Neurer

"Dos Manos did a great job! The guide was always friendly and patient, and explained a lot."


The guide was fantastic!

The guide was fantastic. It was very impressive to see the sense of pride in his delivery. He knew so much about the local culture and the route we took. His knowledge and understanding of Machu Picchu was inspiring. Thanks for all Dos Manos!


"My compliments to the Dos Manos Guide for his knowledge about Machu Picchu! Very great experience!"

Cipolla Giovanna & Vinotti Germano
Cipolla Giovanna &

Patience in answering all of our questions

Special thanks to all staff of Dos Manos, especially to the reservation department for her patience in answering all of our questions by email and to the Inca Trail guide, a very special person who led us through the Inca culture and left an unforgettable memory. Thanks a lot!!

Lance King

"The guide and his staff were extremely professional. You can tell the guide loves Peru as he provided great info. Loved the food!"

Tejas Potel

Helpful and easy to approach

Excellent service and knowledge of the guide. The chef was incredible, the food, the quality and quantity were all great! Some of the best food I've had in Peru. All staff, including at the frontdesk, were helpful and easy to approach.

Jessie Burgess

All of your staff was first class very impressive

My daughters and their partners did the organizing of our trip with you, but any interaction that I have had personally with any and all of your staff was "first class" - very impressive, very professional. All the meals on the trek were great and the Dos Manos guide is a fantastic man. A wonderful teacher of the language and heritage of the Cusco region. I would certainly recommend you to anyone I know who is travelling to Peru. Thank you very much!

Stephanie de Boer

"Very good organized! We've had a great time and I will recommend Dos Manos to other travelers. The guide has great knowledge of the Inca history and Machu Picchu, which made it extra interesting. Thanks a lot!"

Diana Patricia Yamin y Ivan Andres Franco
Diana Patricia Yamin

"All was excellent! We were very pleased."

Greice Paola e Rafael Bandeira
Greice Paola

Adventure sport tours were awesome

We wish to extend our praise to the travel agency Dos Manos, whose staff has been very effective in providing all the booked services and very professional in their attendance. We very much enjoyed all the excursions in Lima and Cuzco. All guides showed a lot of knowledge, which made the tours even more interesting. All adventure sport tours were awesome, but we especially remember the ziplining in Cusco adventure as the most challenging and fun with excellent guides. We will highly recommend Dos Manos Travel Agency in Cusco to all our friends!

Martine Carpentier

"We had an excellent and wonderful trail. Thanks to the staff and especially thanks for the knowledge and kindness of the guide!"

Joshua Otten

Our guides and cook made the trip for us.

Our guides and cook made the trip for us. The cook did magic with his ingredients for every meal, great diversity and very tasty. The assistant guide had our tents put up in no-time. They made the trip fun and they were very easy to get along with. Many, many thanks to them!

Maia Morresi

"Congratulation to all the staff. Everybody made my experience in Peru unforgettable. I wish you success and we will see each other soon!"

Justin Hayes

"The guide was awesome. Very knowledgeable and patient. I would definitely recommend him and Dos Manos to anyone who is interested in Peru treks."

Ivana Krajniakova

"Thank you very much. All was really great. I had an amazing trip!"

Heidi Loera

"I was very pleased with the quality, food and wonderful service. I would definitely suggest to others."

Tamera Orrantia

"Excellent service, guide and trek. Will recommend Dos Manos again!"

Dianne Arellano

more than I expected

Fabulous trek! Everything was more than I expected. The guide was very friendly, encouraging and confident in leading. The food was excellent and the equipment great, with very nice tents and mats. Thank you so much for such a great experience and adventure. Will recommend!

David Kaweda

"The cook was awesome and the guide the friendliest I ever had. Top crew! Thank you very much."

Matthew Grimes

"Great trip! The guide was excellent and did everything he could to make us comfortable and enjoy the experience."

Carl Chalmers

"The Dos Manos guide made the trip. He was very entertaining, caring and a great. Also would like to give a thank you to the very helpful horsemen. Would recommend Dos Manos to others!"

Eva van Rijnsoever

"Very nice trip. Very good hostel in Aguas Calientes and a really good guide, cook and horsemen."


Kathrin Huber

"Thanks for the great trip!"

Mike Bruijns

Well worth it

The Inca Trail was challenging for me. I had some problems with the altitude. I was comforted by our guide that it was no competition, and that I had to take time to rest whenever I felt needing them. The porters have been working so hard, which is much appreciated. They were well organized. Everything was set up when we arrived at the camp (or we were slow, haha). They were running up and down the mountains and always had time for a smile.

Our guide, made this Inca Trail unforgettable. He was supportive, patient, funny and competent.

All in all it was an unforgettable experience. Waking up early was no problem, because I knew what I did it for. The organization and the people made it very special. This is was the reason I also booked my jungle excursion with Dos Manos Travel Agency in Cusco. Had a wonderful time at the Lodge. It was such a pleasure to spend a few days in a small part of the Amazone.

I have met various people again, and had a great time trekking, watching animals, feeding caiman and so many more things! Well worth it!! Thank you very much I will never forget!!

Vijaya Gopu

"All the tours were really good and the arrangements made by Dos Manos were very satisfactory!"

Roos de Paepe Laurens
Roos de Paepe

"I loved this trek and will never forget it. The guide knows a lot and is very friendly. Thank you Puma and Dos Manos Travel Agency in Cusco!"

Stephen Brennen

We loved it!

It was a great experience for everyone. We loved it! The Dos Manos guides were amazing. They always looked out for everyone's well-being, and they offered to help in any way possible when they saw anyone struggling. Thanks!

Emily McGlynn

"Thanks for an excellent adventure! I loved it, learned a lot and had a great time."

Maria Cecilia y Luis Palma
Maria Cecilia y

"Excelente el Puma como guía y excelente como persona. Muchísimas gracias por la cena que estuvo en un muy buen restauran (Indio Feliz)."

David Gomez Alonso y Laure Hoyois
David Gomez Alonso y

best experience

The Trek was incredible and magnificent. The organisation as well as the team made this trip the best experience. The food was very good. The best guide ever! He knew all about the routes and traditions! Thanks so much Dos Manos!

Jo, Christina, Meka, Tunoa
Jo, Christina,

Absolutely unbelievable!

We went on the Inka trail from the 24th to the 27th of January 2013. Our guide was Daniel and our cook was Lino. Daniel was a fantastic and inspirational guide. He was extremely positive, patient and knowledgeable. He definitely made the trip the best it could be. Lino was an incredibly talented chef who created amazingly delicious dishes on a simple camp stove. His ability to improvise was unrivaled and the food was delicious. Our porters were friendly and efficient; we greatly admire them for their fitness and strength. Absolutely unbelievable!

Ligia Bueno Panacho

Very well attended

We return from our trip yesterday, and would like to thank you for all the service. We were very well attended in all the hotels, the guides were great and everything went as planned.I wanted to compliment the guides who spent a good part of the ride - City Tour and Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu ... they were great.

And also the staff of the hostel in Cusco, who were very friendly throughout our stay .Thanks again.


Guides were excellent and very knowledgeable

Dos Manos Peru organized a wonderful holiday in Peru for us. The guides were excellent and very knowledgeable . The trip included internal flights, pick-ups from the airport and from our hotels for the day tours so we had nothing to worry about from the moment we arrived in Lima. We included Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Macchu Pichu and the fantastic Andean explorer- the best way to travel down to Lake Titicaca . We then went on to Bolivia to La Paz and Uyuni for the awesome salt flats.

Liam Browne

Very good experience

I did the short Inca Trail with Dos Manos and our guide, Fabricio, was excellent. His knowledge of the sights was excellent and he was clearly enthusiastic about it. His English was perfect.Also the food was excellent.There was a small issue with the bus on our return to Cusco why we got back later than expected but besides that it was a very good experience. Also the email correspondence ith my contact person before arrival was good!

Evelien Geerinckx

unforgettable day

As a student at AMAUTA Spanish School, I easily made my choice to book my excursion with Dos Manos, because I received a 5% discount.

The first excursion I made with them was the Cusco City Tour, for a great price. We visited several places: the cathedral of Cusco, afterwards on foot towards Qorikancha and then we took the bus to the Inca ruins of Sacsaywoman, Pukapukara, Tambomachay and Q?enko, above the city. The guide during this trip was really good, he explained everything very clear in both English and Spanish.

It was unforgettable day and I made beautiful pictures.

Amelie Alford

Guide was knowledgeable, funny and patient

Our Machu Picchu tour was phenomenal! The pickup from our hostel in Cusco was on time and you included every ticket we needed! Our tour guide was knowledgeable, funny and patient.

Thank you for helping us organize this!

Daniela Reis

Memorable experience

I visited Lake Titicaca, Puno, it was unforgettable! We slept on Amantani island. The family was really friendly, and they prepared some delicious meals. The facilities were very primitive: there was no light, there wasn't a shower and no running water, but it was a memorable experience! Thanks Dos Manos Travel Agency.

Sara Ellerbroek

No issues from start to finish

I enjoyed working with Luciana from Dos Manos Peru over email prior to our trip to Perú. She was so helpful and very patient to help answer all the question I had. Our trip (city tour Cusco) had no issues from start to finish. The tour guides provided were great also. Thank you!

Wojciech Dolinski

Happy to recommend you to my friends

Hello Dos Manos!
I am just writing to let you know that the organisation of Salkantay trek in Peru was better than expected. The cooks are doing an amazing job on the way. I received an automated survey from Dos Manos Travel Agency, so I will fill it in and I will be happy to recommend you to my friends.

Sam Taha

Professionalism & Patience

I came across Dos Manos Peru on the internet, decided to use them as I was sick & tired going with local travel agents in my city ending up using the same agencies like Dos Manos! The communication went really well, they showed so mush of professionalism & patience, we agreed over a plan & they delivered it to the best of my expectations and at a reasonable price, way less than the other quotes I got from my local agencies in my home country.
So I would definitely use DOS MANOS again & have no hesitation recommending them, thank you Ana, Helem & Joseph and the Dos Manos Team.

Anne Smith

So helpful in helping us for arranging trips

Everything in Peru went extremely well. Helen at Dos Manos was so helpful in helping us for arranging trips to Machu Picchu and other tours in Cusco, and hotel in Ollantaytambo.
Also the guide, and the drivers were the top. I added a comment to Trip advisor, and will talk to our school back home to recommend you. Thank you so much.


Realize the dream of the whole group

On behalf of the entire group, I would like to thank Dos Manos service during our stay in Cusco, the Sacred Valley tours as well as the tours Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu.
We were very pleased with our guides: Fabricio, Ernesto and Miguel, as well as our guide in Lima on the first day of our trip. To you my personal thanks for helping me to realize the dream of the whole group to get to the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Pieter van der Deijl & Jacqueline Kleibeuker
Pieter van der Deijl &

The tour was very nice and well arranged.

I have just returned from a very nice holiday in Peru. Together with my girlfriend I did the Inca Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu booked at the Dos Manos agency from 2oct until 5oct.
I would like to give my compliments to our guide David. Very friendly and professional.
The tour was very nice and well arranged.

Najat Ahali

"Hi Sarah, I’m doing very well and the trip to Machu Picchu was unforgettable, a unique experience.

I hope to be able to do the 4 day Inca Trail in the nearby future.


Jan van de Bunt

We had a great time in Peru!

In 2012 we had a great time in Peru, thanks to you and especially to Suzanne.
This year we are making up plans for another trip to South America and we hope you can help us with all travel arrangements.  Thanks Dos Manos.
Jan van de Bunt

Tammy Orrantia

Professional and delivered everything they promised

I would recommend Dos Manos to anyone wanting to take a trek in Peru.
They were amazingly organized down to the last 5 min cab ride home when returning to Cuzco, friendly and professional. My guide on the trek was awesome! They were professional and delivered everything they promised and more

Felix Redecker

"Everything was great and worked out extremely well!!!!! Thank you and Dos Manos!!!!"



Will certainly recommend Dos Manos

Meanwhile, we are back in Belgium and Netherlands, the Machu Picchu was amazing! We found it really super well organized and all will certainly recommend Dos Manos!

Yvonne Verdoes-de Groot

Everything was well organised

Now I´m safe and sound back in the hotel in Lima.
I want to thank you for everything you arranged for me. Everything was well organised. Everytime there were nice drivers picking me up with namesigns. All decent drivers, I didn´t feel unsafe with them.
Also the hotel ´Prisma´was fine. Simple, but clean and centrally located.
Machu Picchu was AWESOME!!!! Overwhelming and unforgetable... A Day Tour to Machu Picchu by train is not cheap ut if people will ask me if they should go, I will definitely encourage that.
I will heartily recommend Dos Manos to my colleagues at KLM.

Karen Frijns

Memorable Trip

I genuinely had a great trip to Machu Picchu with Dos Manos!
Jose Luis was fabulous, such a sweat guy and a great, safe driver!! He took me to the airport the next day as well.
Thank you so much for arranging my memorable Machu Picchu Train Tour And all on such a short notice. Really wonderful! Much love to Jose Luis and next time I plan to go to Cusco I definitely want to arrange it with Dos Manos again.

Giulia Morandin

It was all perfect!

We did the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with Dos Manos Peru Travel and it was all perfect. We really liked the hike and the guide explained it all very well


It was awesome!

I hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with Dos Manos Peru Travel and it was great. The food was very good food (que rico!), nice group, good guide, and beautiful views! It was awesome! Really worth it.


Amazing Tour

It was a really amazing tour. In a small group of six we hiked the Inca Trail in 4 days. The landscape was amazing.Our Guide Raul, the Porters and the Cook did really an excellent job. Raul explained very good and with a lot interesting details the culture of the inkas, the inka ruins on the way and finally Machu Picchu. Our meals were really delicious and various. After we arrived at the sundoor with full of clouds but then later the sun came out and it cleared up, the moment you see the ruins of Machu Picchu, its a moment i will never forget in my life.
I really can recommand this tour from Dos Manos.

Ulla Lundström

Surpassed all our expectations!

Dos Manos has organized a group trip for us 5personer that really surpasses all our expectations. We chose to stay in hostels and this meant that it was sometimes a little cold and hard to sleep but it was our own choice.
The guides that Dos Manos chose was very good as well as transport. Communication has been good and the staff very caring. I am very pleased! Thanks! Ulla, 64 years.

Najat & Anas

We are back now in Lima. We have great memories of our trip to Machu Picchu and we want to thank you! Everything was clear and well organized from the very beginning till the end.
Our guide was great and told us everything we wanted to hear. I can only recommend Dos Manos Peru!

Suus Pierik

I went on several tours from Dos Manos together with my father, and we had an amazing time together!
We did an ATV tour, the Sacred Valley tour, we went to Machu Picchu by train. Especially the Machu Picchu Tour was an incredible experience, the train ride is beautiful, and there was someone at the station in Aguas Calientes waiting for us. We had a very good guide who told us so much about the history of Machu Picchu. We had an unforgettable experience!

Ingrid Lommers

I recommend to Salkantay Trek in Peru to everyone. It is a great hike, and everything was perfectly organized by Dos Manos. Thanks for the great price. Indie was wonderful. She organized our transfers and hotels in Cusco and was always very helpful, on top of every email. Peru is a wonderful country; I?m very impressed.

Iris Dado

It was great and the guide René was great fun too! We couldn't take the train and bus back after walking the Inca Jungle trek because of the flooding in Aguas Calientes, so we had to walk back to Hydroelectrica and took a van with the guide back to Cusco. The advantage was that there was hardly anyone in Machu Picchu because the train was not running! It was amazing! Thank you!

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