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Festival Calendar

Festivals in Peru

Festival Description Place Dates
Surrenders of Sticks The power in a stake Cusco January 1
The Visit of the Wise Men Folkloric and religious festival Ollantaytambo January 6
Typical Births Exhibitions of typical birth in churches and homes of Cusco Cusco Until January 6
The Chiaraje A ritual battle Canas January 20
Carnivals Party for happiness Cusco February and/or March
Lord. of Tremors The brown Christ and the crimson flower Cusco The second part of March and the first week of April
Cruz Velacuy Party of the crosses and Andean spirit Cusco May and/or June
Festival of OllantayRaymi Staging of Ollantay drama, dances and typical dishes Ollantaytambo The first part of June
Qeswachaka Inca Bridge Rebuilding Ceremony Apurimac River (Canas) June
Qoyllur Rit'i The biggest indigenous pilgrimage in America Quispicanchis May / June
Inti Raymi The Inca festival of the Sun Cusco June 24
Corpus Christi The steps of the saints and the virgins Cusco June
Virgin of the Carmen Mamacha Carmen Paucartambo The second week (15-16) of July
Corpus of Santiago A religious festivity Cusco July 25
Corpus of Santa Ana A religious festivity performed in the chapel of San Cristobal Cusco July 26
Corpus of San Cristobal A religious festivity performed in the chapel of Santa Ana Cusco August 2
Warachikuy Dramatisation of Warachikuy in Sacsayhuaman Cusco August and/or September
Corpus of Almudena A religious festivity celebrated in the church of Almudena Cusco September 8
Lord of Huanca Pilgrimages and agriculture fairs San Salvador September 14
Corpus of San Jeronimo A religious festivity celebrated in the district of San Jeronimo Cusco September 30
Virgin of the Rosary Taurine fairs and preparation of Pachamancas Quispicanchis and Canchis October 10
All the Saints' Day Visits to cemeteries, Preparationj of the suckling pig Cusco November 1 - 2
Christmas in Cusco Time of integration and artistic splendour Cusco December 24-25
Santuranticuy Fair The sale of saints Cusco December 24

De nationella helgdagarna är:

1 Januari Nyårsdagen
Februari Karnevaler
April Påsk Veckan
1 Maj Arbetarnas Dag
Juni Corpus Christi
24 Juni Inti Raymi
29 Juni St. Peters och St. Pauls Dag
28 och 29 Juli Självständighets Dag
30 Augusti Santa Rosa de Lima
8 Oktober Striden i Angamos
1 November Alla Helgons Dag
8 December Inmaculate Conception
25 December Jul

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