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Informations sur les excursions et les treks 2019

The prices of our tours and excursions can vary during the season and can sometimes even depend on the day that you want to do them. Therefore, please contact us for a detailed and personalized price quote.

Location Code Name  
Arequipa ARCAT Arequipa Campiña Tour book
Arequipa ARCIT1 Arequipa City Tour book
Arequipa CMT2/1 Chachani Mountain Trail 2D/1N book
Arequipa CCTARFD Colca Canyon Tour (full day) book
Arequipa CCAR Colca Canyon Tour 2D / 1N book
Arequipa CCTAR2/1 Colca Canyon Trek 2D/1N book
Arequipa CCAR3 Colca Canyon Trek 3D / 2N book
Arequipa MVTAR2/1 Misti Volcano Trail 2D/1N book
Cusco ACT Ananiso Canyon Tour book
Cusco AUST Ausangate Trek book
Cusco BTRO2 Biking Tour Patacancha, Willoq & Ollanta book
Cusco BTRQ3 Biking Tour: Ollantaytambo book
Cusco BTRL5 Biking Tour: Route Lares 2D / 1N book
Cusco CHSAM Choquekirao Trail to Machu Picchu 9D / 8N book
Cusco CHQT Choquekirao Trek book
Cusco CT1 City Tour Cusco book
Cusco CCFTC Cooking Classes and Food Tasting Cusco book
Cusco EPVICHM Espiritu Pampa - Vilcabamba - Choquekirao 16D / 15N book
Cusco HR2 Horseback Riding (Full Day) book
Cusco HR1 Horseback Riding (Half Day) book
Cusco UCQ Huchuy Qosqo Trail 2D / 1N book
Cusco UCMA Huchuy Qosqo Trail to Machu Picchu 2D / 1N book
Cusco HULT Humantay Lake Tour book
Cusco IJT Inca Jungle Trek 4D / 3N book
Cusco INTI Inti Raymi book
Cusco LAVA4 Lares Valley Trail to Machu Picchu 4D/ 3N book
Cusco MAHBT Machu Picchu by Hiram Bingham Train book
Cusco MBP1 Machu Picchu Tours by Train book
Cusco MAMO Maras Moray book
Cusco BBCC Mountain Biking in Maras and Moray book
Cusco PALTO Palccoyo Tour (or: alternative Rainbow Mountain) book
Cusco PAR Paragliding book
Cusco QEB Q'eswachaka Bridge book
Cusco QOYCT Qoylloriti Festival book
Cusco QUBI Quad Biking book
Cusco RAMOT Rainbow Mountain Trek book
Cusco ROC Rockclimbing in the Sacred Valley book
Cusco VS1 Sacred Valley of the Incas book
Cusco SPTMP Salkantay Plus Trek to Machu Picchu book
Cusco SMAPI Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu book
Cusco SIT2/1 Short Inca Trail 2D / 1N book
Cusco SLVTMA Short Lares Valley Trail to Machu Picchu 3D/ 2N book
Cusco SOVAHD Southern Valley (Half day) book
Cusco AM01 Spanish Classes book
Cusco CIT4/3 The Classic Inca Trail Trek - 4D/ 3N book
Cusco VIFE Via Ferrata book
Cusco VLBT Vilcabamba Trek 8D / 7N book
Cusco VIRC Virgen de Carmen Festival book
Cusco VOL Volunteer Program book
Cusco WRR1 White Water Rafting (full day) book
Cusco WRR3/2 White Water Rafting 3D / 2N book
Cusco WIRA Wiracocha Temple book
Cusco CUZISV Ziplining in the Sacred Valley book
Ica BAIS Ballestas Islands book
Ica NAREPA National Reserve Paracas book
Ica NATOIC Nazca Tours book
Ica PARICA Paragliding in Paracas book
Ica SHOICA Sandboarding at the Huacachina Oasis book
Ica MNA1 The Mysterious Nazca Lines book
Lima BITLI Bicycle Tours in Lima book
Lima LIBYN Lima by Night (half day) book
Lima LICT Lima City Tour book
Lima LICUT Lima Culinary Tour (half day) book
Lima LIMT Lima Museum Tour book
Lima LPUP Lima Pick Up Package book
Lima PARLI Paragliding Lima book
Lima LISCP The Sacred Citadel of Pachacamac book
Madre de Dios BTRM4 Manu Biking Tour 3D / 2N book
Madre de Dios MNCZ4 Manu Cultural Zone 4D / 3N book
Madre de Dios MNCZ5D4N Manu Cultural Zone 5D / 4N book
Madre de Dios MNRZ7D6N Manu Reserved Zone 7D / 6N book
Madre de Dios MNRZ Manu Reserved Zone 8D / 7N book
Madre de Dios TAEBI3/2 Tambopata Birdwatching 3D / 2N book
Madre de Dios Taec3/2 Tambopata Ecological 3D / 2N book
Madre de Dios TAEAD4/3 Tambopata Ecological Adventure 4D / 3N book
Madre de Dios Taeju2/1 Tambopata Ecological Jungle 2D / 1N book
Madre de Dios TAEMA3/2 Tambopata Ecological Magic 3D / 2N book
Madre de Dios TAEPA5/4 Tambopata Ecoparadise 5D / 4N book
Madre de Dios TATOB Tambopata Tours (Backpacker) book
Puno IEBT Bus tour Cusco - Puno book
Puno LAKT1 Lake Titicaca (full day) book
Puno LAKT2/3 Lake Titicaca 2D / 1N book
Puno LAKTCF The Candelaria Festival book
Puno SILL Tombs of Sillustani book

Peru News

Efforts to save the burning Amazon Rainforest

(9 September, 2019)

For three weeks, fires have been burning the Amazon rainforest. This poses serious consequences for...

Wheelchairs in Machu Picchu

(18 June, 2019)

Wheel the World is taking over the world—in the best way possible. The Chilean company Wheel the...

July 2: Visible Solar Eclipse in Peru

(14 June, 2019)

The last solar eclipse experienced in North America was on August 21, 2017. Are you ready? Because...

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