Zip lining in Peru in the Sacred Valley

31 Mar
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Zip lining in Peru in the Sacred Valley


Ever thought about zip lining in Peru? If you ever feel the urge of feeling free and you have the itch to do something adventurous during your travels in Peru, you should!  The Sacred Valley Zip line Tour will give you the shot of adrenaline you (might) need and you want to feel. So just go for it and try it yourself! The tour in the Cusco area is safe and fun and is designed for all ages.

Together with five fellow travelers in beautiful Cusco, I spontaneously booked a zip lining trip to the Sacred Valley. We wanted to do something active and adventurous and spend some time in the beautiful nature of the Sacred Valley. Accompanied by two drivers, we were picked up in Cusco from where we drove to the Sacred Valley, at approximately one hour from Cusco.

After the safety talk, we received and revised our equipment and we were ready to start. In total, there are five different zip lining lines, including one for practicing. With approximately 75 meter this was the shortest one, but it’s a great way to get the feeling and to learn how to slow down and arrive smoothly. The Zip Line is a system of six or seven connecting cables for a total of 2500 meters.


Zip lining in Sacred Valley

With a group of only seven people in total, no one had to wait for a long time (if the group is (much) bigger, the tour takes (much) longer. The second line was longer than the first one, and everyone did it without problems! Yeah!


Try the Spiderman!

But now the guide starts to offer us more ‘heavy’ stuff , as for instance to try to the “Spiderman”: this means that you were just attached to the line without holding it. Instead, a guide, who is attached to the line behind you, holds your legs and take care of everything. Even though some of us were pretty scared at the beginning, we all did it at one zip line! And no one regretted it, because it is a feeling of freedom and lightheartedness. It was so much fun and more thrilling than the normal way.

In the next step our guide showed us how to do the zip lining upside down. However, only two girls from our group were willing to try it out, even though they were very nervous at the beginning. According to them, it was a lot of fun and more exciting than everything else. So whenever you get the chance, you should consider trying it out.


Scenery in the Sacred Valley

Amazing Scenery in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Not only the zip lining itself made it an unforgettable experience, the surroundings of the Sacred Valley contributed to this amazing trip. Mountains covered with snow in the background, natural green mountains and fields in front as well as shrubbery and trees made this trip in Peru even more special. The scenery here is amazing and fascinating. Even though we were not very lucky with the weather during the morning, it turned out to be very nice for the rest of the time.

After approximately one hour and a half we returned to Cusco. We were all very happy and full of adrenaline. I would definitely recommend to you to do the zip lining. Peru is the perfect location to do so due to its beautiful nature. We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed it to the fullest!


Adventure in The Sacred Valley

What to bring for this zip lining tour in the Sacred Valley?

I recommend:

  • Light clothes (no shorts)
  • Extra warm jacket or so in your backpack
  • Comfortable shoes (no sandals)
  • Water Or Water bottle
  • Sunblock or a hat



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Or book the zip line tour directly here.


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