Wild Peru: Why you Must Visit One of The National Parks of Peru

14 Apr
Wild Peru: Why you Must Visit One of The National Parks of Peru
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Did you know that Peru has quite a wild side? Peru is famous for its Inca Ruins and for its beautiful, colourful markets, culture and people. But Peru is so much more! The nature of Peru is so diverse that we can dive into different climate zones that generate numerous natural habitats with extraordinary wildlife. This wildlife is protected in Peru by many National Parks and Nature Reserves that all provide their own natural wonders. Here are just three examples of where you can experience the diversity of Peru and see the beautiful nature that it offers… If you book before June 1st, we offer you a discount of USD $ 20 pp the tours described below!

I – Manu National Park in the Amazonian Rainforest

Manu National Park in the Amazonian Rainforest

What about zip-lining in the Peruvian Amazone & spotting caimans by night?

Situated in the rainforest of the districts of Cusco and Madre de Dios, Manu National Park is considered the largest natural area of Peru. The Park features such a large number of different species that its unique biodiversity and ecosystems are of great value and are even protected by UNESCO.

Cut off from the modern world, more than six different traditional tribes reside in the area of Manu. Its tropical climate creates high humidity and hot temperatures that make the area a comfortable home for many species. This includes more than 20,000 higher plant species, 1,200 butterfly species, 1,000 bird species (merely 300 bird species are found in the US and Canada alone), 200 species of mammals (monkeys, giant otters, peccaries, capybaras, tapirs or jaguars), and an unknown number of reptiles, amphibians and insects. Furthermore, there are new species that are continually being discovered in Manu National Park!

Manu National Park in the Amazonian Rainforest

Access to Manu is only possible for tourists by means of a recognized agency. In Manu, you will have the possibility to stay in comfortable lodges that provide various activities like wildlife watching, guided boat tours, guided walks in nature and swimming in the naturally formed pools. There are also camping tours on offer. All Dos Manos tours are accompanied by a professional guide who will tell you about the National Park itself, the significance of the rainforest to its habitants, as well as the usage of certain plants for medical or cultural purposes.

II – Paracas Protected Area

Paracas Protected Area

What about Sandboarding & animal spotting on the coast: whales, orcas, sea lions and penguins?

The Paracas National Reserve – located on the pacific Coast, 265 from the capital ciy of Lima – is a perfect example of a Pacific subtropical coastal desert that contains nearly 100 archaeological sites from the Paracas indigenous people!
In Paracas and the Islas Ballestas you have the unique chance to observe many rare animals: whales, orcas, sea lions, penguins and sea otters are among the 36 species of marine and land mammals found in the reserve. Other marine animals include scallops, crabs, abalones and octopuses, as well as green, leatherback and hawksbill turtles. More than 215 species of migratory birds spend at least part of their lives in Paracas, and approximately 60 of these species migrate between Peru and the United States. Enjoy a beautiful daytrip with Dos Manos watching a great variety of unusual species!

Paracas Protected Area

But the region even offers more: close to the Islas Ballestas, you can find Ica and Nazca, to small coastal towns located in the Peruvian dessert. Nazca is well known for the famous Nazca Lines. But even more travellers are heading to Ica, where they have discovered the great opportunities for sand boarding and taking a buggy ride.

III – Tambopata National Reserve

Tambopata National Reserve

What about Sunset on Monkey Island and exploring the virgen forest to find caimans, turtles and the Magestic Peruvian Jaguar?

The Tambopata National Reserve is a remote, wild, but still easily accessible area in the Amazonian Rainforest that has become one of the global hotspots for ecotourism. The jungle tours through the Tambopata National Reserve allow you to experience the magic, diversity and tranquillity of one of the most diverse locations on earth! The Tambopata Reserve is smaller than Manú National Park, but it is still stock full of beautiful diversity!

Tambopata National Reserve

Hidden beneath the dense trees of the Amazonian Rainforest are troops of monkeys, toucans, brilliantly coloured macaws and toucans, and even jaguars! You never know what you are going to spot in the rainforests of Tambopata! Situated on the southern side of the Tambopata River, the huge area of beautiful lowland rainforests is home to an impressive selection of biodiversity. The numbers of species that make their homes in these rainforests demonstrates why the Tambopata region is often referred to as the most biodiverse place on Earth!

In Tambopata we can count more than 10,000 species of plants, over 600 species of birds, more than 1,000 butterfly species, 200 species of mammals and well over 100 species of amphibians and reptiles. Of course we can also find literally thousands of species of insects. Such a high number of birds cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

This is what makes Tambopata National Reserve the perfect place for birdwatching. The comfortable ecological lodges provide an extraordinary wildlife experience with Dos Manos. Enjoy Canoe Rides, guided tours through the natural habitat, baths in the Amazonian Pools and observing the amazing wildlife!

Are you interested in one or our Tours to the Rainforest? Book now with $ 20 discount per person!

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