White Water Rafting in Peru

13 Nov
Wildwater raften in Peru
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White Water Rafting in Peru

Trip Review River Rafting Tour

Last Sunday I went river rafting in Cusco with two friends I met at AMAUTA Spanish School, during our Spanish classes in Peru. At 9.00 we were picked up from Cusco and driven to a spot along the Urubamba River. After a 2-hour ride we could go and change our clothes. We were handed a wetsuit, a kind of rain jacket, life jacket, a paddle and a helmet. Then we went back in the bus and shortly after we arrived at the starting point of the raft trip. Everyone got ready to get into the boats. First we were informed on safety and the techniques you need to use in the boat and in case you fall out off the boat. The explanation was very clear. There were six people in one raft and there was one guide joining us. None of us had ever rafted before, but that was no problem. A number of rescue canoes were out in case of falling overboard. The currents of the Urubamba river varied; the highest level last Sunday was the third level.

White Water Rafting in Peru


As I wasn’t really aware about the levels myself before last Sunday, here a short explanation:

Level I: Really easy without any risk, floating along on the current

Level II: Stronger current and some small waves and rocks.

Level III: Strong current, rocks, holes, waves (exciting).

After the explanation we all got into the raft. The first part of the trip involved some practicing and training techniques on how we need to react when coming in an exciting part of the river. The guide spoke English so that was convenient. Then the rafting really started. At the beginning, the river was still calm and I even hoped for a moment that it would get more exciting. Well, soon after it indeed got exciting!

In parts of the river we really had to work hard in order to not get stuck on the rocks and to get through the river in a smooth way. After an hour everyone’s muscles started to ache because of the rowing but we could not give in. There was more strong current ahead of us and more hard work to be done. Just once we clashed and got stuck on a rock. We had to use all our powers to get off.


White Water Rafting in Peru


Every time after we tackled a tough part of the river we took a break to catch our breath. We shouted to each other with all the paddles in the air that we did well. The guide was very funny; on a straight part of the river he suddenly screamed that we all had to sit in the boat. Off course, we could have known that there was nothing to worry about, but still we all sat down.

After about two hours of rafting we arrived at the finish. We got off the raft very tired but still full of adrenaline. We took a shower, changed clothes and were served lunch. The lunch was included in the tour and was really tasty. After lunch we had a bit of a break and then we went back to Cusco. We arrived there at around six o’clock in the afternoon.


White Water Rafting in Peru


The trip was so much fun but also very exhausting!

What to bring when you go rafting in Peru:

• Shoes that can get wet or sandals
• Sunblock
• Swimming wear
• Towel
• Warm clothes for after rafting
• Water
• Snacks
• Plastic bag for wet clothes

Around the mountains of Cusco, you can find some of the best rivers for rafting in South America. If you’d like to try rafting, then this is the place to do it!

For more information about rafting in Peru, please contact Dos Manos Peru Travel Agency. They also offer multi-day trips and 2-3 days trips.






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