Visiting Inka Museum in Cusco

09 Jan
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Visiting Inka Museum in Cusco: a great idea if you tired of visiting one Inca ruin after another. In Cusco this is very well possible as there are so many of them! In between ruins, we have a different idea if you want to learn more about the Inka and Pre-Inka cultures in Peru, how those people lived, and what they used for daily life?

We highly recommend a visit to the Inka Museum of Cusco, also called the Archaeological Museum of Cusco.

Located one block from the Plaza de Armas the museum is located in an old building from the early 17th century, built on old Inca foundations. The building gives you an idea of the beautiful colonial architecture in Cusco.  Back in time, the beautiful house was the palace of Admiral Francisco Aldrete Maldonado, therefore also called the Admiral’s House (Casa del Admirante). After paying the 10 Soles (USD $ 3) entrance fee you have unlimited access to all exhibition rooms. There are guided tours in the Inca Museum in English or Spanish.

Visiting the Inka Museum in Cusco


The interior of the museum is fully packed with a impressive collection of antique metal- and gold work as well as jewelry, pottery, musical instruments, textiles and the world’s largest collection of queros (ceremonial wooden vases). Apparently this museum hosts the largest collection of Inca Objects in the world!

In another room you’ll find an exhibition of real Inka mummies; from small children to old people and skulls. The skulls show the incredible skills of the Inkas on brain surgery.

Visiting the Inka Museum in Cusco


On the upper floor you’ll find a small place in which you can buy artisanal artefacts and decoration articles made right in front of your eyes. Also you will find the complete history of the lost city Machu Picchu, including original photos by the explorer Hiram Bingham, of when he first discovered the ruins in 1911, and a faithful replica of what Machu Picchu looks like today.  There are more dioramas and large 3D models of different  Inca Ruins. You can find here, for instance, a model of the circular terrace of Moray – in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and a rope bridge strung between the walls  – a model of the famous Puente de Qeswachaka.

A visit to the Inka Museum is totally worth it for those interested in Peruvian history and the Andean and Cusquenian Inka culture!

Visiting the Inka Museum in Cusco


Opening hours Inca Museum Cusco: from 8am to 6pm during the week and 9am to 4pm on Saturdays.
Address: Calla Ataud
Phone: 51 84 237380

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