Trip report of Tour to Lake Titicaca in Peru

20 Mar
Tour to Lake Titicaca in Peru
Thursday March 20, 2014 - Posted by to Travel Tips

Trip report of Tour to Lake Titicaca in Peru

After having been a couple of weeks in Cusco for my Spanish studies at AMAUTA Spanish School, I signed up for a tour I’ve been wanting do so badly: a weekend tour to Lake Titicaca!

The Lake Titicaca tour involves 2 overnight busses from Cusco. Those were so much more comfortable than I expected thanks to the “cama” seats that were booked for me. Our departure was at 22 pm on Friday evening and we arrived around 5.00 in Puno from where all trips to Lake Titicaca and the islands depart. The tour does not leave before 8.30 am and in the meanwhile I was offered by the guide to either wait at the bus terminal or to wait for a few hours to the nearby office of the operating agency. There were some seats here and a sofa, and I met a few of my fellow travel mates here.

Amantani Puno Peru

Uros Islands

The tour was amazing. First we went to the floating islands of the Uros people. Although they are pretty touristy, it’s still interesting to visit those and our guide was good and gave us good explanations as to how people continue to live here and why and how the Uros islands were constructed.

Amantani Island

From Uros we continued our boat trip to the island of Amantani where we would spent the night with a ocal host family. We had lunch here and got some free time to explore the island. We had a great time full of music, local dresses and I even had a dance with my new family.

The dressing up in the traditional clothes of the Aymara people was great fun for all of us.

Taquile Island

After breakfast next morning, we left to another island, Taquile. For me, this was the best experience. We arrived around 11.30 here and walked uphill to the centre of the island, passing local communities.


Amantani Lake Titicaca - Peru


Once in the centre, we had spectacular views over the lake and the island. For lunch, we were offered the most lovely and freshest trout I’ve ever had, straight from the lake. We were also informed about the traditions of Taquile and our guide was funny and very knowledgable.

After a transfer back to Puno our tour ended. We had a few hours left in Puno to hang around and to have dinner, before I took the nightbus back to Cusco to continue with my Spanish classes in Cusco.

Overall, a fantastic trip I can recommend to anyone!

Interested in this weekend trip to Lake Titicaca and Puno?

Contact us or book here.


The Lake Titicaca in Cusco is excellent


2 thoughts on “Trip report of Tour to Lake Titicaca in Peru

  1. Nice report thanks!

  2. I love Taquila, this is such an amazing island, would love to go back. may be in a year or so!


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