Top Topics of our best Peru Travel Blogs

02 Jan
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The Top Topics of our Peru Travel Blogs 2016
Monday January 02, 2017 - Posted by to Peru Travel

Top Topics of our best Peru Travel Blogs

Is exploring the fascinating places of the world exactly your thing and you love to travel with a little bit of adventure? Then you read through this short overview of the Top Topics of our Best Peru Travel Blogs!

Check out The Top Topics of our Best Peru Travel Blogs:

  • The Best of Machu Picchu,
  • Peru Adventure Travel Blogs
  • Exclusive Travel Tips for Peru


Top Topic #1 The Best of Machu Picchu

This ancient place is also called the “Lost City in the Clouds”. Machu Picchu in Peru is probably one of the most popular and most fascinating cultural sites in the world. Many travellers have spoken of a certain “magical atmosphere” that surrounds this place.


The Top Topics of our Peru Travel Blogs 2016 - Machu Picchu


Find out what makes the Magic of Machu Picchu in and what are the best ways to explore the New World Wonder.

While we´re at it – Test yourself! Did you know these 10 facts about Machu Picchu?

Last but not least, get an insight into the most famous way to get to the “old peak” (Machu Picchu means “old mountain”or “old peak in Quechua)!

Walking the Inca Trail is definitely a life-time experience and has fascinated countless adventurers ever since its opening. But the permits for each month are limited!

Find out how to ensure your spot for the great Inca Trail!

Top Topic #2 Peru Adventure Blogs

Now we get to the adventurous part! Peru offers the perfect conditions for travellers who like to spice up their journey with some extra thrill! There is an incredibly great range of options to get into the outdoors in this country.
Here comes only a small section of all the adventures you can experience in Peru: for example, take a different perspective and try paragliding over the Sacred Valley of the Inca near Cusco!


The Top Topics of our Peru Travel Blogs 2016 - Adventure Blogs


This is not the only reason why adventure was a top topic in 2016! Dos Manos also explained why “Rafting is a Must-Do Adventure” while you are in Peru. And if water isn´t your thing – maybe you have heard of sand boarding? Take a look at this adventure blog and find out about all the possibilities to explore the outdoors around Ica!

Top Topic #3 Travel Tips for Peru

Open up the Dos Manos treasure box filled with travel tips for Peru! Long years of experience, our clients´ feedback and a comprehensive interaction with travellers from all over the world has made us at Dos Manos, experts for travel advice. In 2016 we featured a list of blogs providing information and tips for a journey to Peru! A couple of these we want to present in this last section.


The Top Topics of our Peru Travel Blogs 2016 - Travel Tips


We know how hard it can be to pack for a journey to such a diverse country like Peru! Take a look at Ultimate Travel Kit by Dos Manos Peru and get an overview of the essentials for your trip!

Find out about the all-round ticket for Cusco, the tourist ticket called “Boleto Turistico”. Visiting Cusco, the name of this ticket will cross your path multiple times and it comes handy to be informed beforehand about its purpose! Once you are in Cusco, check out these practical tips for travellers who like to keep a “green conscious” and read about 5 Green, fair and local Choices for Travelers in Cusco.

Hold on! We are not done In 2016, we also had a real treat for you! Take a second and look at these 19 Reasons you should think twice before travelling to Peru… don´t say we didn´t warn you!

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