The Ultimate Peru Travel Kit

25 Oct
The Ultimate Peru Travel Kit for Travelers
Tuesday October 25, 2016 - Posted by to Travel Tips

The Ultimate Peru Travel Kit

A little lost on what to pack for your Journey to Peru? Dos Manos Peru Travel provides you with a handy guide on some essential items you should bring to Peru. Although you will be able to find almost all of the upcoming things in Peru too, some items are simply practical to already have once you arrive as you might not know exactly where to go and buy them when you just arrived in Peru!

So check out the following sets of things we advise you to pack into your suitcase or backpack as a Peru – Traveler and Adventure-Seeker! This is the Ultimate Peru Travel Kit.

Traveler Kit for city-life (Cusco, Lima, Arequipa…)

If you are thinking about whether or not to pack a certain item for exploring the cities of Peru, here is list for you: the essential items for an unforgettable visit to the beautiful cities of Peru!

Traveler Kit for city-life (Cusco, Lima, Arequipa…)

  • Still my number one: a good Guide book! Didn’t you have enough time to read all about Peru before the journey? No problem – just take your Peru-guide with you! Inform yourself about all the tours, history and culture of Peru! There is so much to see!
  • Take a handy Spanish Dictionary with you! In our nowadays digital times, you might not think about it as there are so many apps to quickly translate a missing word…but what if you are without internet in another country? Better to take an analog backup!
  • You are staying in our comfortable traveler´s residence in the city center of Cusco, or in another (backpacker) hostel in Peru? Great! Please keep in mind that you need to take some towels with you! If you stay in hotels, you do not have to pack a towel.
  • Regarding the clothing you should not forget when you are coming to Cusco. Definitely bring some warm clothes like a good jacket, but also lighter clothes for warmer days. Consider taking a functional jacket that is not very heavy but protects you from wind and rain! The weather in the Andes changes quickly from heat and sun to rain and cool temperature. For a city walk, don´t forget to take some comfortable lighter shoes apart from your hiking boots!
  • Last but not least, a Money Belt comes very handy and is super practical – It keeps your valuables safe and close!

Tour and Trek Kit for the Peru-Traveler

Are you planning on taking some adventurous trips or treks in Peru? Awesome! That is the best and most exciting way to discover the country of the Incas. Consider to take the following items for your adventure in Peru.

Tour and Trek Kit for the Peru-Traveler

If you plan to do Trekking in Peru , you made the right choice. Trekking is one of the most beautiful ways to explore the nature and culture of Peru! Here are some things that should definitely be on your Peru Packing List:

  • Hiking shoes and clothes (think in terms of layers, layers and layers as you will cross different climate zones).

  • Flashlight
  • Water Bottle
  • Raincoat
  • Sleeping bag
  • Backpack.

It usually depends on which tour you take ,how much items you will need. Most agencies in Peru provide you with camping and cooking gear so you won´t have to take this. It is very common, however, that you are asked to bring your own sleeping bag! Inform yourself beforehand about what gear is provided in the tour you will take. Should you be spontaneous and decide to take a trek once you are already in Peru – no problem, most of the gear you can rent or buy in Peru, too!

If you want to take a Trip to the Peruvian Jungle, please make sure you have the following items with you to protect you from mosquitos!

  • Long-sleeve and thin clothing. This is way more comfortable in the humid heat and also shields you from mosquitos
  • Consider taking a Mosquito net but in any case take
  • a strong mosquito repellent and
  • malaria tablets (see next topic: medical kit)!

Small Medical Kit for a Journey to Peru

For your adventure in Peru, it comes handy to prepare yourself with a little kit of basic medical items. A lot of these simple remedies you can also easily get in pharmacies in Peru – but concerning some travel sicknesses (e.g. an urgent stomach problem) it comes handy not having to head out and search for the closest pharmacy. Based on the experience of travelers we have accompanied on their trips, we have put together a list of items for you that you should go into your small medical kit:

Small Medical Kit for a Journey to Peru

  • Pain Killers Let´s start with the obvious – pain killers are the perfect helper for a temporary headache, back pain or other aches that need quick relief! Don’t forget, however, that pain killers won´t solve your problem – if you are having a severe pain for more days – better start looking for a doctor just in case.
  • Band Aids Take a couple of plasters with you, they come handy for any cut or small open wound that needs cover-up. Another good tip: buy waterproof band aids and don´t go for the cheapest option. Especially if you are going to the Rainforest in Peru, it will come handy if the plasters don´t come off that easily and are resistant to sweat and water!
  • Healing Cream Speaking of cuts and wounds: a healing cream will accelerate the regeneration process. Don´t forget to clean and disinfect the wound with some kind of Disinfecting Spray before you put on the cream and afterwards apply a band aid to keep the skin clean.
  • Imodium A lot of travelers react with stomach problems when they come to Peru for the first time. Be it the different food, stress through travelling or the sometimes less hygienic conditions – diarrhea is definitely something that can ruin a great trip! Imodium is your number one helper in such uncomfortable situations. Do some research at your local pharmacy before your trip, to find comparable products in other brands.
  • Perenterol These capsules contain yeast and probiotics – something that supports your intestine flora and prevents the above mentioned problems. If this one isn´t available in your country, ask your pharmacy for comparable products.
  • Sewing Kit Not exactly a medical item – but still very handy. A sewing kit can help you to quickly solve unwanted problems like a tear in your most comfortable hiking pants, or a loose flap on your backpack.
  • Tweezers can easily turn into a handy tool in different occasions. Falls into the same category: Nail Scissors – even if you might not expect that, these little scissors are always a very practical item that you will need more often than you think! These little helpers, however, are not allowed to take in your carry-on for your flight, so make sure to pack them in your check-in baggage before you fly.
  • Ear Plugs Have you ever stayed in a hostel with shared rooms? If yes, you might know how it feels to spend a night of twisting and turning in your bed while your roomie is sound asleep snoring through the night. Earplugs are the magic word (Also for long flight that has infants on board).
  • Anti-Itch Cream If you are planning a trip to the Peruvian rainforest you will encounter a great deal of mosquitos. Always protect yourself with a strong Mosquito Repellent – sand should you have gotten bitten – get some relief with an anti-itch cream.
  • Malaria Pills Please don´t forget: not all regions of Peru are Malaria risk regions, but in any case, you should be careful. A mosquito repellent won´t help you keep off all bites – so better prepare yourself and prevent an unwanted visit in a local hospital.

One last thing…

…inform yourself about a Travel Insurance for any kind of more severe injury. Most public insurances have special fares for journeys and offer a good coverage for serious accidents and emergencies (with transportation from Peru to your home country).

Do you have questions about the preparation for your journey to Peru?
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