Tasty Fruits and Vegetables in Peru

28 Apr
Tasty Fruits and Vegetables in Peru
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Tasty Fruits and Vegetables in Peru

When travelling in Peru, you notice quickly that it has a lot to offer considering colorful and beautiful fruits and vegetables. This is due to its different types of climates: beaches, mountains and jungle. While exploring this beautiful land many delicious delights can be found, from tropical fruits in the jungle, to all different sorts of corn in the Andes. If you are in Peru, there are certain fruits and vegetables you do not want to miss out on.

Peruvian fruits

To start with the Peruvian fruits, there are some sorts that you must try. First, there is the ‘Camu Camu’. This is a red/purple cherry like fruit that comes from a river side tree in the Amazon and it has a very acidic taste. Therefore, it is combined with milk or water in a blender, along with sugar.

Second, there is the ‘Chirimoya’. This fruit is from the Andean Highlands and is white on the inside with black seeds, and green on the outside. The name is Quechua and means ‘cold seeds’ because the seeds are growing on a higher altitude.

The third fruit is the ‘Granadilla’. This fruit is very flabby on the inside, with a hard and slippery orange skin. The seeds inside are a bit sour and covered by a slimy, sweet juice.

The fourth fruit that cannot be missed during a stay in Peru, is the ‘Tuna’. This fruit comes from the cactus plant. While pealing you have to be careful since there may be some needles that can poke you. This fruit is available in three different sorts: white, orange and red. The taste is very sweet and it contains a lot of liquid. While eating be careful since there may be some hard seeds. In almost every city you can find ‘Tuna Ladies’ on the side of the road, who can peel the tunas for you so you can eat them out of a plastic bag. Ask for the ’3 por un sol’ (3 for 1) discount.

Tasty Fruits and Vegetables in Peru

Peruvian vegetables

Peruvian vegetables also come in all different sizes, colors and flavors. Probably the most common and popular one is corn. There are a lot of different sorts of corn, for example the ‘Maiz Morado’ (the purple corn). This corn has a purple color and is cultivated both in the coastal area as well as in the highlands. It is often used to make the popular drink from, ‘Chicha’. Even within the purple corn group, there are different types. All come from an ancestral line called ‘Kculli’. It is a very old line since there have been ancient objects made out of it found on archaeological sites of more than 2,500 years old. And lastly, there is the ‘Maiz Rojo’ (the red corn).

Besides corn, vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and tomatoes are often used. Although there is large range of vegetables, in the Peruvian dishes you cannot find a lot of them. Peruvians also consider potatoes as vegetables; this explains why you often get rice with potatoes or pasta with potatoes.


Tasty Fruits and Vegetables in Peru

Peruvian Market

The best place to buy fruits and vegetables is to go to the local market.

Every neighbourhood has its own market, and Peruvian markets or ‘mercados’ are open almost every day, although some small markets may be closed on Sundays.                      Every day, fresh fruits and vegetables are offered. here are different ways of eating the fruits and vegetables. The most easy and common way is to peel it and eat it, as easy as that.

Peruvian Fruit Juices or Jugos

Peru is well known for its fresh juices, which can be a good alternative for consuming your fruits and veggies. It is possible to combine certain fruits, or mix fruit with vegetables. You can find these drinks in special juice bars, in the markets, or just on the corner of the street. You can mix your juice with water or milk. Be careful with the water in the juices, since they may use tap water, so do not forget to ask for bottled water.

Another common breakfast, lunch, or evening meal is a fruit salad combined with yogurt and cereal or granola. It is a great option if you are not that hungry, or sick from all the ‘rice with chicken’. The great thing is you will not need to add sugar, since the fruit itself is already sweet. That is the great thing about fruits and vegetables, they are delicious and good for you, everything you need and want.


Tasty Fruits and Vegetables in Peru

We hope you enjoyed reading about all the Tasty Fruits and Vegetables in Peru.

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