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Top 9 Cusco Tips

15 Oct
Los mejores 9 Consejos para cuando estés en Cusco
Wednesday October 15, 2014 - Posted by

Peru is an amazing country and for sure you want to get the most out of it. We promise that travelling in Peru is an experience you will never forget. After a few months of travels in Peru– including doing volunteer work and taking a Spanish course in Cusco –  I have made the following list of Top 9 Cusco Tips for you. Do you want to send us your Cusco Tip number #10?

  1. First of all: Allow time to acclimate yourself.
    Take it easy for the first few days in Cusco and remember that overwhelming feeling of exhaustion and a bit of shortness of breath is normal at first; it’s the altitude sickness, called soroche.  Allow yourself enough time to sleep before exploring the beautiful city of Cusco. Coca tea ad rest are great ways to help combat altitude sickness.  On the contrary, alcohol is definitely not.
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The Annual Restoration of the Q´eswachaka Bridge

26 May
The Annual Restoration of the Q´eswachaka Bridge
Monday May 26, 2014 - Posted by

Travelling in Peru is a never-ending adventure as there are so many places to explore. One of its several hidden treasures is a grass, woven bridge located over the Apurimac River, at a few hours from Cusco. It’s name is El Puente de Q´eswachaka or, in English, the Q´eswachaka Bridge, formed from two Quechua words: “Q´eswa” meaning “to braid” and “Chaka” meaning “bridge”. It is a unique site to see as it is the only Incan bridge of its kind that still remains today. It is located 11,811 feet above sea level, it is 33 meters in length, and hangs 15 meters above the river. The bridge is made out of native supplies and a special grass called “q´oya”. These materials used to build the bridge deteriorate rapidly and thus require a yearly renovation. The techniques used to reconstruct the bridge have been passed on from the 15th century when the bridge was first built. Later it was destroyed as the Incas tried to prevent the Spanish conquistador, Pizzaro, from getting to Cusco. Eventually the Q´eswachaka was rebuilt and continues to be maintained in good condition with the annual Festival. (more…)

The Secrets of Peruvian Ceviche

07 May
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The Secrets of Peruvian Ceviche
Wednesday May 07, 2014 - Posted by

When travelling in Peru, you cannot ignore it: you will probably hear about the dish ceviche, or find it on the menu of any restaurant. It is one of the most famous Peruvian dishes based on raw fish marinated in lemon juice. For every fish- or non-fish-lover the dish is worth a try!

The origin and tradition

Ceviche is a very well-known and popular dish in the Spanish-speaking countries of South-America. Its origin presumably comes from the first inhabitants in the North of what is now Peru and the limes were introduced by the Spaniards. Ceviche is a dish often eaten during lunch or brunch, because it is such a light meal with a refreshing taste. Also, this dish is very popular on the beach and in the capital Lima. Late in the evening it would be unlikely you are able to order ceviche, because the fish would not be fresh enough anymore.

Tasty Fruits and Vegetables in Peru

28 Apr
Tasty Fruits and Vegetables in Peru
Monday April 28, 2014 - Posted by

Tasty Fruits and Vegetables in Peru

When travelling in Peru, you notice quickly that it has a lot to offer considering colorful and beautiful fruits and vegetables. This is due to its different types of climates: beaches, mountains and jungle. While exploring this beautiful land many delicious delights can be found, from tropical fruits in the jungle, to all different sorts of corn in the Andes. If you are in Peru, there are certain fruits and vegetables you do not want to miss out on.

Peruvian fruits

To start with the Peruvian fruits, there are some sorts that you must try. First, there is the ‘Camu Camu’. This is a red/purple cherry like fruit that comes from a river side tree in the Amazon and it has a very acidic taste. Therefore, it is combined with milk or water in a blender, along with sugar.

Second, there is the ‘Chirimoya’. This fruit is from the Andean Highlands and is white on the inside with black seeds, and green on the outside. The name is Quechua and means ‘cold seeds’ because the seeds are growing on a higher altitude.

The third fruit is the ‘Granadilla’. This fruit is very flabby on the inside, with a hard and slippery orange skin. The seeds inside are a bit sour and covered by a slimy, sweet juice.

The fourth fruit that cannot be missed during a stay in Peru, is the ‘Tuna’. This fruit comes from the cactus plant. While pealing you have to be careful since there may be some needles that can poke you. This fruit is available in three different sorts: white, orange and red. The taste is very sweet and it contains a lot of liquid. While eating be careful since there may be some hard seeds. In almost every city you can find ‘Tuna Ladies’ on the side of the road, who can peel the tunas for you so you can eat them out of a plastic bag. Ask for the ’3 por un sol’ (3 for 1) discount.