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21 Best Things to Do On Your Next Trip To Lima

27 Feb
21 Best Things to Do On Your Next Trip To Lima
Wednesday February 27, 2019 - Posted by

21 Best Things to Do On Your Next Trip To Lima

Of all the places to visit in Peru, Lima has to be somewhere near the top of your list – if only because you’ll definitely be passing through its airport. But it’s well worth a stopover, particularly as there is a wealth of things to do in Lima, Peru’s capital city. Join us as we run through the top 21 Best Things to Do on your Next trip to Lima; they will allow you to experience this multifaceted city from all different angles, starting with its elegant colonial heart and even older Inca ruins, through to its modern side full of delicious cuisine and unmissable nightlife Those are Lima’s 21 best tourist attractions.


  1. Explore Lima’s picturesque heart in the Plaza Mayor

    This is where it all began: Plaza Mayor, in the city’s old center. It’s not hard to notice that the buildings surrounding the square are pretty old. The Cathedral was built in the 18th-century, although the original building here dated back to 1535. (more…)

8 Reasons Why Peruvian Food is the Best

14 Nov
8 Reasons Why Peruvian Food is the Best
Tuesday November 14, 2017 - Posted by

8 Reasons Why Peruvian Food is the Best

Peru is considered the culinary mecca of Latin America and for good reason. Who could argue with the variety, tradition, fusion of cultures and freshness of ingredients? Who could argue with Ceviche? Have you had a plate of “Lomo saltado” or “aji de gallina”? Those that have know that it has the power to change lives!

The history of Peru´s rich cuisine and its notable culinary fusion dates back many centuries to the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century. From that point on, the Incan cuisine was wonderfully fused with European sensibilities from France, Germany, and Italy as well as with deliciousness from Asia and West Africa.

But, do you want to know the 8 Reasons Why Peruvian Food is the Best? We have compiled a list of the best eight aspects of Peruvian culinary tradition that make the food scene in Peru one of a kind and Peru a real culinary destination. (more…)

Eight Reasons Why you Should Visit Peru!

25 Jan
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Eight reasons Why you Should Visit Peru
Wednesday January 25, 2017 - Posted by

Eight Reasons Why you Should Visit Peru

Eight reasons Why you Should Visit Peru!

Peru… a breathtaking and diverse country in the Mid-West of South-America. According to The Telegraph,* Peru should definitely be the next destination on your bucket list! Why? Here are Eight Reasons Why you should Visit Peru.

Peru is full of variety

The country is most popular for the old ruins of Machu Picchu that date back all the way to the Inca Empire. However, Peru has plenty of more amazing things to do than hiking the famous Inca trail uphill. Think about all the alternative hiking trails in the various spectacular mountain ranges in Peru. These landscapes give you an astonishing mix of far-reaching views, volcano craters, and many high mountain peaks. These peaks can go up to more than 5000 meters due to the presence of the Andes that runs through many countries in South-America.

In Peru, known for its culinary quality, you have the chance to taste delicious Peruvian food, such as lomo saltado, aji de gallina, and ceviche. Throughout Peru, people are kind, helpful and friendly so expect always to receive a warm welcome wherever you go. See this list, as created by The Telegraph, of even more specific Eigh Reasons Why You Should Visit Peru!

Facts About Nightlife in Cusco that will Keep you Up at Night

06 Jan
Facts About Nightlife in Cusco that will keep you up at Night
Wednesday January 06, 2016 - Posted by

Facts about Nightlife in Cusco that will Keep you Up at Night

Soon after arrival in Peru you will notice that almost every single day in Cusco seems to hold a celebration for a different Saint or something else. The night life here in Cusco is no different. With so many places to choose from, it can leave the travelers and backpackers in Peru questioning where to head to. Here are a few recomendations for you.

To start your night off Indigo is highly recommended. With Thai and Peruvian food to enjoy here, this relaxing environment is the perfect place to decompress from a day of exploring Peru before your exciting night out. Coffee, juice and milkshakes are some of the beverages you can enjoy other than the alcoholic ones. This popular hangout has several games, free WIFI, hookah and also includes a swing inside. Located at Tecsecona 415 Cusco, this place is frequented by many travelers and Spanish students living in Cusco. (more…)