Shopping in Cusco

09 Jun
Shopping in Cusco
Tuesday June 09, 2015 - Posted by to Cusco, Shopping

Shopping in Cusco Peru is fun. Do you want to find some alternatives to the tourist shops in Cusco? It’s not hard to find shopping spots in Cusco; it can even be hard to resist them. There are tourist shops on every corner and a colorful array of things to buy. But if you already have a case full of alpaca sweaters and textiles you need some good alternatives. Places where you could be the only tourist or traveler around. And where you can find more alternative gifts for your friends and family.

Mercado San Pedro
San Pedro is Cusco´s central market. It is not really off the beaten track so you will often find tourists walking around. However you shouldn’t miss it for the amazing range of things you can find there. They have some of the normal tourist stuff and also a big food and juice section (watch out what you eat though depending how long you have been traveling or in Peru it could give you some trouble) Also, watch out for the meet section if you are squeamish. There are also heaps of incents and other goodies for sale. The best thing is just to explore and see what you can find.


Is also called sábado Baratillo or “cheap Saturday”. It is a flea market held only Saturdays and is open all day from about 7am until 6pm, although it is better to go early to find the best stuff. It is aimed at locals and few tourists go there. You can find it two blocks south of San Pedro by walking down calle Nueva.

El Molino
El Molino is Cusco´s biggest black market, and the perfect place for bargain hunting. It is near the bus station terminal terrestre. There are usually a lot of people and the small “streets” between the stalls get pretty crowded. Open every business day, you can buy just about anything you could want. There are many cheap items including clothes, electrical equipment, toys and pirated DVDs. Again, when there, you won’t see many tourists.


Plaza Real
Cusco´s super modern recently opened mall. There is a cinema, food court, and arcade. It has all the things that you would expect to find in a mall. There is nothing spectacular about it but if you want some different surroundings during the time you are in Cusco, it’s a good option. Of course compared to the local markets, the shops are expensive and you will find big brand shops too.


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