Popular alternative to the Inca Trail: the Inca Jungle Trek

06 Jun
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Alternativa popular al Camino Inca: Camino Inca por la selva
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Popular alternative to the Inca Trail: the Inca Jungle Trek

A trip to Peru usually involves a visit to the number 1 highlight and tourist attraction of Peru: the amazing Inca town Machu Picchu.  One of the man different ways to get there, is the famous Inca Trail.  But if you want to do the very popular Inca Trail, you need to book and buy the Inca Trail permit in time, usually between four till eight months ahead! A great and popular alternative to the Inca Trail is the four day Inca Jungle Trek. The Inca Jungle Trek does not just involve hiking but also cycling and, if you wish, rafting and zip-lining . You will start at a point as high as 4,350 meters after which you descend to warm jungle land. A great adventure tour!


Popular alternative to the Inca Trail: the Inca Jungle Trail


Day 1 – Inca Jungle Trek: to Santa Maria

On the first day you will be picked up from your accommodation in Cusco early in the morning. The bus drives you to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Here you’ll have some time to admire the beautiful scenery. A great chance to shoot some pretty photos. At around 12 in the afternoon you reach Abra Malaga. This is where the bike tour starts. Since the starting point is at 4,350 meters it will be cold and windy. Do not make the mistake of overdressing though. The ride will be downhill and gets hotter as you descend. Best is to either wear several layers of clothes that you can take of as you go or to wear a pair of zip off pants.

You don’t have to be an excellent cyclist to be able to handle this bike ride. You will ride a paved road and go downhill. Dos Manos Peru provides you with a helmet and gloves. Going towards the cloud forest you pass through small villages, fruit plantations and rivers. The scenery is amazing and as you pass by on the bike, you can see the flora and fauna change slowly. Adventurous travelers that have been to Bolivia, compare this part of the trip with the famous biking tours in Coroico, in the Yungas.

After a few hours you will arrive at Santa Maria. For those in for more adventure: you can opt to go water rafting. If you choose not to, you’ll have the afternoon off to explore town or grab a drink. In the middle of the cloud forest of Santa Maria we have dinner and spend the first night.


Popular alternative to the Inca Trail: the Inca Jungle Trail


Day 2– Inca Jungle Trek: to Santa Teresa

Day two starts early again. This time at around 5.30. After breakfast we start walking towards the jungle. The first 3 hours the road goes gently up. It will be warm so drink enough water and take breaks if you need to. There are some houses in the middle of the jungle. Here you will have a rest. At the houses there are a few tame monkeys – so cool! Enjoying a fresh juice or a snack, this is a nice place for a break to observe the house monkey. The owners of the houses will show you their crops, like coca, cacao and maracuya. If you are lucky they will let you try some of their homemade chocolate. Also they make some sort of paint out of a berry. If you let them, the guys will decorate your face with some funny lines.

When the walk continues you enter a genuine Inca Trail and will once again see some beautiful landscapes. You will encounter mango trees, banana trees, coffee plants and many more fascinating crops. After some hours of walking and taking a lunch break in between you will reach the Hot Springs of Santa Teresa. This long day cannot be ended in a better way than relaxing in the thermal baths. All clean and relaxed you will head to your campsite for the night.


Popular alternative to the Inca Trail: the Inca Jungle Trail


Day 3 – Inca Jungle Trek: to Aguas Calientes

On day three the Inca Jungle Trek continues along the river up to a town called Hidroeléctrica. Here lunch will be served. After the break you can go for an adventurous zip lining trip. If you don’t want to go zip lining you will hike to Aguas Calientes for about 2 hours. The people that do choose to plunge down a line will be taken to Aguas Calientes by bus and be reunited with the group there.

Aguas Calientes is the main town before visiting Machu Picchu. It is a touristy and rustic village with hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. You will have the afternoon off to explore Aguas Calientes on your own. This night you’ll sleep in a hostel!


Popular alternative to the Inca Trail: the Inca Jungle Trail


Day 4 – Inca Jungle Trek: to Machu Picchu and back to Cusco

On the fourth and last day of the Inca Jungle Trek, you will visit Machu Picchu. The day starts early, at 4 a.m. with a nice, quick breakfast in the hostel. At 4.30 you will start heading your way to Machu Picchu. You will see the sun rise on the way. After a guided tour on the site you will have time to wonder around for a couple of hours. If you have booked the Huayna Picchu Trek, you will go up either at 7.00 or at 10.00 o’clock depending on the turn on your ticket. From the Huayna Picchu you can make the most beautiful photos of Machu Picchu.

Others  like to climb the Machu Picchu Mountain, or they stay in Machu Picchu itself, exploring the ruins and relax a bit. In the afternoon you head down to Aguas Calientes to take a train back to Cusco or Ollantaytambo. If you go to Ollantaytambo, you get on a bus to Cusco from there.


Popular alternative to the Inca Trail: the Inca Jungle Trail


The Inca Jungle Trek is a great alternative to the traditional Inca Trail for a very affordable price.

If you want more info or you want to book the Inca Jungle Trek, just contact Dos Manos Peru Travel.

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