Peru’s Pisco Sour Day

31 Jan
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Peru’s Pisco Sour Day

Peru’s most famous cocktail is by far the Pisco Sour and therefore the people of Peru yearly celebrate the Día del Pisco Sour or, in English, Pisco Sour Day . The event takes places on the first Saturday of February.

The most important ingredient of this delicious Peruvian cocktail is, of course, Pisco. Therefore it is interesting to know a bit more about this typical Peruvian liqueur.

After the Spanish conquered South America, they imported vine plants to Peru in the 15th century. Because they had grapes left that were not good enough for the wine, they decided to use these leftovers in a different product and this is when Pisco got invented.

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Both Peru and its neighbor Chile have been producing the liqueur for hundreds of years. Ever since, there is a discussion between both, about whether Peru or Chile is the original producer. In other words: is Pisco Peruvian, or, is Pisco Chilean?

Another controversy is about the origin of the spirit’s name. Some people say the word pisco originates from the quechua word ‘pisqu’, which is the name of a bird that was discovered in the Ica valley region. Others believe that it got the name of the Peruvian port town Pisco, from where the liqueur was shipped to Lima. And a third explanation is that the name comes from the big pre-Colombian pots made out of clay that are called piscos. Those pots are used to ferment the grapes.

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There is not only one kind of pisco, there are different ones. There is Pisco Puro, Pisco Acholado, Pisco Aromático and Pisco Mosto Verde. For a nice Pisco Sour – the famous Peruvian cocktail made of Pisco – we recommend the Pisco Puro. Pisco Puro is made of the type of grapes that was originally brought from Spain: black, nonaromatic grapes. The Pisco Acholado, for example, is made from non-aromatic grapes combined with one or more types of aromatic grapes.

Although there is a dispute about who is the original producer of Pisco and another one about the original of the name, there is no discussion possible about the ‘owner’ of the Pisco Sour! The first Pisco Sour got prepared in the 1920’s by the North American bartender Victor Morris in Peru’s capital Lima.

Since the first Pisco Sour got made until now, the cocktail became so popular that Peru decided to celebrate it every year. Pisco Sour Day in Peru is now a National Event in the Peruvian Capital Lima. But there are more celebrations on the Peruvian coast, especially in the coastal regions where they produce Pisco, such as Tacna, Moquegua, Arequipa, Ica and Lima. Here travelers in Peru can visit festivals with music, gastronomic fairs and Pisco and Pisco Sour tastings. The cocktail became that famous that even bars and restaurants in big cities such as London and New York participate in the Pisco Sour Celebration.

Peru’s Pisco Sour Day 2015


Would you like to make your own Pisco Sour?

Ingredients Pisco Sour

Pisco (1/2 cup)

lime juice (of one lemon)

egg white of one egg

syrup (two table spoons)

ice, 1 / 4 cup

Angostura bitters.

How to prepare Pisco Sour?

  1. Mix Lime juice and the syrup with a blender
  2. Add pisco and ice.
  3. Blend aproximatel 10 seconds (high speed)
  4. Add the egg white
  5. Serve the pisco sour and add a dash of bitter

This is the basic recipe for Pisco Sour. Lately, people have been expirementing with this recipe and you can now also try Peru Libre (pisco sour with coke), and Chilcano de Pisco (with sprite).

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