Paragliding Peru : Learn how to fly in Cusco!

08 Sep
Paragliding in Peru: Learn how to fly in Cusco!
Thursday September 08, 2016 - Posted by to Adventure Travel, Cusco

Paragliding Peru : Learn how to fly in Cusco!

Peru is a great destination for adventurous tours, especially the area of Cusco. Travellers in Peru can choose from many options: ATV tour, river rafting, bungee jumping, hiking, biking and so much more. However, the tour that appealed to me the most was paragliding in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Waiting for the wind to change…
I had already enjoyed the Sacred Valley with both feet on the ground during the tour to the Inca ruins and the traditional markets in, among others, Pisac and Chinchero. Now I had the opportunity to see the amazing landscape from a different perspective: from the sky hanging from a parachute.

Paragliding in Peru: Learn how to fly in Cusco!

We were picked up at 08:30 in the morning from our accommodations in Cusco and we drove to Chinchero in the Sacred Valley. First, we bought some snacks and drinks in the small village; then drove up to the take-off area at the Cerro Sagrado (the Sacred Hill).

We sat down in the sun and watched our pilots prepare the equipment; we had to wait for the wind to change (it was not strong enough). We enjoyed the beautiful view in the sun on top of the hill in the Sacred Valley and waited for the wind to change. Hours passed by and the wind did NOT change, so we drove back to Chinchero to get lunch. We drove back up the hill in the afternoon hoping that the situation would be better.

Paragliding in Peru: Learn how to fly in Cusco!

Flying above the Sacred Valley!
We walked to the different sides of the hill and eventually we found the right spot, put on our flight suits, got attached to the parachutes and waited for take-off.

The parachute pulled us backwards several times; it was a real struggle not to fall down. After a few tries, we were finally able to take-off! We ran down the slope of the hill until our feet could not touch the ground any longer, and then…… we were flying!

Paragliding in Peru: Learn how to fly in Cusco!

It was an amazing feeling: the ground far below us, the blue sky above us and the many mountains on the horizon. I saw birds flying next to me, the snow-capped mountains and the little villages down in the valley. All I could hear was the sound of the wind. We flew higher and higher for almost 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, it was time to land, so we slowly descended towards the landing place until we could touch the ground again.

Wow! Flying was an incredible feeling and the scenery was truly amazing! I definitely want to go paragliding again! Do you want to learn how to fly in Cusco? Don’t hesitate!

Paragliding in Peru: Learn how to fly in Cusco!

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