Most Popular Peru Travel Blogs in 2017

29 Dec
Most Popular Peru Travel Blogs in 2017
Friday December 29, 2017 - Posted by to Peru Travel

Most Popular Peru Travel Blogs in 2017

Are you planning a trip to Peru in 2018? Don’t miss out on this inspiration and check out our Most Popular Peru Travel Blogs in 2017!

Many Peru travelers contacted us in 2017, and you can do too! Our trip counselors are happy to help! At our head office in the stunning city of Cusco, the staff of Dos Manos Peru Travel can book the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Machu Picchu Tours by train, bus tickets, plane tickets, we help you with personalized itineraries to highlights and off the beaten trek destinations in Peru. Not only Nazca, Arequipa, Puno, Lima, and Cusco. But also Huaraz, Chachapoyas, Cajamarca, Trujillo, and Mancora.

Peru is one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide, and 2018 is your year to visit Peru!

Get some inspiration for your Peru Trip and read OUR MOST POPULAR blogs in 2017!

1) Top 4 best Souvenirs to Buy in Peru

Peru is a heaven for souvenir shoppers! In this blog, you can find the Top 5 best Souvenirs to Buy in Peru with all the secrets on shopping in Peru!

Did you know that you have to be careful when buying Pisco or Maca in Peru?

And if you want to take Peruvian coca leaves with you back home, we recommend you don’t take the leaves, but the one in tea bags!


Most Popular Peru Travel Blogs in 2017


On the other hand, don’t be afraid when you hear vendors recommending you a ‘baby alpaca’ sweater or scarf. No little alpaca had to die for your souvenirs! “Baby Alpaca” means that the wool is the first cut of an alpaca. This wool is softer and more expensive than the later cuts. But be careful when buying at the tourist markets! It is not easy to recognize this high-quality alpaca wool, and it’s easy to get fooled by the experienced Peruvian vendors.

Read more about souvenirs in Peru:
Top 4 Best Souvenirs to Buy In Peru.

2) Why you want to book the Inca Trail now.

This blog, with great Inca Trail bookings trips, had been read many many times between October and now and this is for a good reason: the Inca Trail tickets for 2018 are already for sale since October 2017, and many dates in 2018 are already fully booked.


Most Popular Peru Travel Blogs in 2017


However, there are still available dates (not in May nor June 2018), so if you plan a trip to Peru for 2018 and you want to hike the most popular and impressive hike of the continent…. don’t wait any longer and book it now!

Here you can read the tips and tricks on How to Book the Inca Trail and Why You Want to Book it Now!.

3) Popular Alternative to the Inca Trail: The Inca Jungle Trek

If you are interested in another hike to Machu Picchu, the Inca Jungle Trek is a great alternative. We had many Inca Jungle Trek bookings this year, and the trek was recommended highly by our clients.

What people liked most, is the big VARIETY:


Most Popular Peru Travel Blogs in 2017


“The Inca Jungle Trek does not just involve hiking to Machu Picchu, but also biking and if you wish, rafting and zip-lining! A great adventure tour in different climate zones: you start as high as 4,350 meters and descend in 2 days to the warm jungle of Peru. Highly recommended!

Another popular alternative for the Inca Trail and the Inca Jungle Trek is the Salkantay Trek!

If you want to read more and book the Inca Jungle Trek, don’t miss this blog on our listing Most Popular Peru Travel Blogs in 2017.

4) Prepare your Trip to Peru!

Another very popular blog on the Dos Manos Peru Website is this one: Prepare your Trip to Peru, with the Best Tips to Prepare for Travelling in Peru.


Most Popular Peru Travel Blogs in 2017


Here you find info on What to bring to Peru, how to Pack, How to Prepare, What Clothes you Should Use, What Wheather to Expect and, What you need to Book in Advance!

Many Peru travelers found this information very helpful!

5) Eight Reasons Why You Should Visit Peru

Last but certainly not least: our number # 1 most popular Blog in 2017: Eight Reasons to Visit Peru, with over 16,500 hits! Read it, watch the photos, get inspired, and you know why Peru should be on your Bucket List for 2018!

Peru is one of the most VARIED countries of the world, with plenty of amazing things to do! There is Machu Picchu, of course, but there is much more! Think about the many alternative hikes and tours in the spectacular mountains of Peru. These landscapes give you an amazing mix of views, volcano craters and high mountain peaks that go up to more than 5000 meters!


Most Popular Peru Travel Blogs in 2017


At the same time, the Peruvian Rainforest is fully covered with big woods and forest, with the most tropical vegetation and you can explore flor and fauna on the many tours to the jungle that lead you deep into the Peruvian Amazone.

But Peru, is also home to the highest navigable Lake in the world, (Lake Titicaca), the driest desserts with the mysterious Nazca Lines, the stunning cities of Lima and Cusco, and beautiful beaches up in the north, such as the small town of Mancora.

On top of that, Peru is the leading culinary destination worldwide, and the people are kind and friendly. There are actually so much more reasons, but in this blog, we limited ourselves to (only) Eight Reasons Why You Should Visit Peru!.


Do you have questions about YOUR trip to Peru

Contact us know.



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