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Eight reasons Why you Should Visit Peru!

Eight reasons why you should Visit Peru!

Peru… a breathtaking and diverse country in the Mid-West of South-America. According to The Telegraph,* Peru should definitely be the next destination on your bucket list! Why? Here are Eight Reasons Why you should Visit Peru.

Peru is full of variety

The country is most popular for the old ruins of Machu Picchu that date back all the way to the Inca Empire. However, Peru has plenty of more amazing things to do than hiking the famous Inca trail uphill. Think about all the alternative hiking trails in the various spectacular mountain ranges in Peru. These landscapes give you an astonishing mix of far-reaching views, volcano craters, and many high mountain peaks. These peaks can go up to more than 5000 meters due to the presence of the Andes that runs through many countries in South-America.

In Peru, known for its culinary quality, you have the chance to taste delicious Peruvian food, such as lomo saltado, aji de gallina, and ceviche. Throughout Peru, people are kind, helpful and friendly so expect always to receive a warm welcome wherever you go. See this list, as created by The Telegraph, of even more specific Eight Reasons Why You Should Visit Peru!

1. There is Machu Picchu

There is Machu Picchu

Starting off with the most popular destination in all of Peru, the ruins of the ancient Inca Empire Machu Picchu. There is a reason why so many people have this place on number one on their lists of travel destinations. Machu Picchu itself is not only magnificent and enchanting, but a large part of the trip is the trail that leads to it. This trail is challenging but provides you with beautiful views and fun obstacles such as rivers or waterfalls. The high level of hiking makes you appreciate and enjoy the final point of Machu Picchu even more!

Visiting Machu Picchu will make you feel like a true explorer.

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2. Cusco is amazing

Cusco is amazing

Cusco is the city where all the hiking trails, train rides and excursions to Machu Picchu start off. Throughout the years Cusco developed itself to a vibrant and fun city for locals and foreigners. Ask travelers what city they love most in Peru and will most probably be Cusco. The city offers some amazing architecture with many churches, art galleries, ruins and Inca walls, and a large part are solely pedestrian, which makes the vibes relaxed and cozy. If you do not have much time to visit Machu Picchu, the perfect alternative would the incredible Sacred Valley of the Incas, which you can reach from Cusco. According to The Telegraph: “… standing on the edge of the massive circular agricultural terraces at Moray, it struck me that this, rather like Mesopotamia’s Fertile Crescent, was the real center of the Incan world.”

3. The son was born in Peru

The son was born in Peru

The highest lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, is certainly a must-see when you are in Peru. It is home to the Uros people that live on water floats made out of reeds. The lake is considered holy because the Inca’s believed it was the birthplace of the sun. For tourists, this lake is, apart from being a beauty to admire, a place to have a lot of fun and to relax. Take a tour to Lake Titicaca, visit one of the islands in the middle of the lake such as Taquile or Amantani, and immerse in traditional, Peruvian culture.

4. Surround yourself with lush green

Surround yourself with lush green

The Peruvian Rainforest is fully covered with enormous woods and forests consisting out of the most tropical and humid vegetation. You can book tours to the jungle that lead you deep into the jungle, where you can explore all the different animals that live there. You most probably see tarantulas, anacondas, monkeys, sloths and much more. The rivers in the Amazon in Peru are also inhabited by Pink dolphins with who you can swim in the wild, if you want to.

Jungle Tours in Peru

5. Lima is a culinary capital

Lima is a culinary capital

The buzzing city of Lima has grown into a trendy and enjoyable place! The coastline and the charming neighborhoods give the Peruvian capital a great vibe. The architecture looks amazing with all its churches, museums and even with its ruins: the Huaca Pucllana ruins, which are 1800 years old.

Nowadays, Lima is mainly known for its gastronomy and in particular the seafood dish: Ceviche. According to The Telegraph: “Peruvian Ceviche, suddenly popular all over the world, has put the city’s rich and varied gastronomy on the map.”

Not only Lima is has become the epicenter of culinary specialties, but throughout Peru, you can find amazing fusion restaurants and traditional cuisines. Also not forget to try out the national drink: Pisco Sour, also strongly recommended by the Telegraph.

6. Go sandboarding!

Go sandboarding

In the Southwest of Peru, you will find a landscape that you did not know could exist in a country with so many mountain ranges. The oasis of Huacachina is an extraordinary spot that offers you gorgeous views and a quiet mind as it is one of the peaceful destinations in Peru. Moreover, it is the ideal place for sandboarding in Ica, and you can visit the lagoon which, as the legend tells, is home of a mermaid.

7. Fly over the Nazca Lines

Fly over the Nazca Lines

This unique site made by the Nazca population, at only 2 hours from the above mentioned Oasis of Huacachina in Ica, offers you ancient geoglyphs on which you can see ancient drawings of animals as well as humans. This exquisite piece of archeologic paintings is said to date back to 500 BC. The most mystic part about these famous Nazca Lines is that you can best view them from above. Plains are departing daily to give you a glimpse of these treasures.

8. Surf and Relax on the relaxed beaches.

Surf and Relax on the relaxed beaches

The coastline of Peru is long and therefore offers you many great and unique spots to go surfing, sunbathing or doing water sports. The best region for relaxation and good vibes is the district of Piura. The well known small town of Mancora is located here, in Northern Peru. Mancora is loved by many young people and backpackers because it has great nightlife, a beautiful beach, and many bohemian hostels. There are nice surfing opportunities.

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