Visit Cusco in Rainy season?

09 Feb
Visit Cusco in Rainy season?
Friday February 09, 2018 - Posted by to Cusco

Cusco in Rainy season

If you are planning your trip to Peru and Cusco, you might have looked into information about the climate in Peru. Knowing about the weather in Peru is essential for planning your trip as well as for packing!  If you plan to visit Cusco and Machu Picchu – and let’s face it: who won’t? – you must have read about the rainfalls in the Andes. Have you wondered what the rainy season is like in Cusco? Is it worth visiting Cusco in rainy season? What is the weather like in Cusco?

And what about trekking in the rainy season in the Cusco area?



According to most travel guides, the best time to visit Cusco is from June until September; in the the season. Throughout this period the amount of rainfall is low offering ideal conditions for day tours and multi-day hikes into the beautiful Andean highlands and to Machu Picchu.

But what about the rainy season which is said to last from December to February or even March?


Visit Cusco in Rainy season?


What to expect in Cusco in rainy season

Having experienced picturesque Cusco in August with lots of sunshine and beautiful, clear blue skies, I was not sure of what to expect when sitting in my descending airplane making its approach to the Cuzcanian Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport on the 23rd of January. Would I walk around every day wearing a huge rain poncho and rubber boots facing heavy rain showers, inundated cobblestone streets carefully avoiding to step into deep puddles?

I have good news for you 🙂 After more than two weeks in late January and early February – the period which statistically collides with the highest precipitation levels – my answer is: NO. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised during the first days in Cusco. Of course, you will experience intense rainfalls every other while. And before going out, you may want to double-check to have your raincoat or umbrella ready in your backpack. But equally, you may also want to ensure to apply your sunscreen and to carry your sunglasses and sunhat with you.

I have experienced several sunny days without rainfall in a row and met lucky people who completed the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu without any showers. So yes, you can still do trekkings in Cusco during the rainy season.


Visit Cusco in Rainy season?


Advantages of the Rainy Season in Cusco

Traveling to Cusco in the rainy season may even have several advantages. For instance, you will be properly able to get great deals on accommodation and others, and you will have more space for yourself at the popular tourist attractions like Machu Picchu. Also, the difference between day and night temperature is not as high as it is in the dry season. I experienced the nights to be less cold than for instance back in August.

Should you visit Cusco in rainy season?

My advice for you if you are still hesitant if you should travel to Cusco or not: just go! With the right gear and flexibility to adapt your travels plans if necessary, you will have a great time! Cusco is worth a visit in all season!


Visit Cusco in Rainy season?


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My Tips for Rainy Season in Cusco

  • Be prepared for the rain. Bring waterproof clothes, especially if you are booking a multi-day trek properly expect to get soaked. I am not predicting the weather, but I am just telling you to be prepared. Keep in mind that the Inca trail to Machu Picchu is closed in February for yearly maintenance. But there are still many other treks you can do, such as the Salkantay Trek. Of course, you can also take the train to Machu Picchu.
  • If you are hesitant to do a multi-day trek, take advantage of the numerous day tours that are offered in Cusco. Or just head out to discover the local markets and tourist attractions in the city of Cusco and the nearby surroundings, such as Pisac.
  • Visit one of the Museums in Cusco, such as the Inca Museum, Museo de Arte Pre-Colombina, the Chocolate Museum, the Coa Museum, the Museum of Regional History, the Museum of the Cathedral, or one of the many others.
  • Take advantage of the numerous local festivities during this time of year, like for instance carnival in February and the Virgen de la Candelaria in Puno.
  • Do not go desperately for a shower. Just relax with a hot cup of coca tea or chocolate in your next favorite cozy cafe spending your time reading, learning Spanish* or just daydreaming and listening to the music of the raindrops falling on the roof.
  • And last but not least always remember that the rain shower will not last for long, and the sun will be soon back smiling at you :).


*If you have some time, why not take an intensive week of Spanish
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Enjoy Cusco!


Thanks to Anne-Christine Huth

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