Corpus Christi in Cusco Unites People from All Over the World

13 Jun
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Corpus Christi in Cusco Unites People from All Over the World

When visiting Peru in the month of June, travelers from all over the world are sure to see many colorful festivities throughout their stay in Peru. This month is the “Fiestas de Cusco”, celebrating the region´s culture and history.

After the traditional native festivities of Qeswachaka and Qoyllur Rit’i, the next major event is Corpus Christi, which is a Catholic procession that takes place sixty days after Easter Sunday; this year it falls on Thursday, June 15th. This celebration is recognized in many places of the world, but Cusco is known as one of the best places to be for Corpus Christi. And Corpus Christi in Cusco Unites People from All Over the World.

Qoylluriti, Cusco


Typical Peruvian Meal: Chiriuchu

The night before Corpus Christi, all people, both local and foreign visitors and tourists,  gathers together for a vigil where the typical Peruvian “Chiriuchu” is eaten. This is a cold dish, containing many different typical Peruvian foods: guinea pig, sausage, chicken, cheese, fish eggs, seaweed, and toasted corn. Along with this popular dish, chicha, beer, and bread are common for this festival.


Qoylluriti, Cusco


15 Saints

The main procession consists of fifteen saints and virgins making their way from their different districts or neighborhoods of Cusco, to the main Cathedral. Each church carries their patron saint to the beat of the music, along with crews and dancers. San Jerónimo and San Sebastián, which are the churches farthest away, often have a friendly competition of who can arrive at the cathedral first. The parade usually starts around 11:00 a.m. with the Plaza de Armas full of people. The 15 saints greet the body of Christ and then make their way into the cathedral where they will stay for a week. The eighth day after Corpus Christ (on “el octavo”), the Saints make their way back to their respected places and stay there for the next year. On the way to their designated spots, the people pray and sing praises.


Qoylluriti, Cusco


For travelers in the Cusco area, this is an event that cannot be missed. Corpus Christi is an official holiday and most offices and businesses are closed in order to participate in the procession.

Here at Dos Manos Peru Travel ( we will all be celebrating by going to the Plaza de Armas of Cusco to see the parade and enjoy the colorful festivities and the traditional Peruvian streetfood and Peruvian drinks.

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