What to do for Christmas in Cusco

20 Dec
Christmas in Cusco, Peru
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What to do for Christmas in Cusco

It’s Christmas time in Peru and for travelers and tourists, the city of Cusco is a great place to spend the Christmas and new Years Eve. The beautiful old inca town, maintaining all it’s traditions and many habits and costums of the Quechua people, is at the same time a small cosmopolitan travelers hub with a good infrastructure of cafes, bars, restaurnants, travel agencies and souvenir shops.

Here you can find some tips on What to Do for Christmas in Cusco!

In Christmas days, Cusco is bright and busy, full of small Christmas markets. People are buying Peruvian gifts, textiles, incense, candles, ceramics and other handicrafts and of course also sweets, breads, cake, food and clothes.


Christmas in Cusco is characterized by the birth of Jesus and you can see this in the many ‘nacimientos’ in the different churches and other places. A “nacimiento” is a constructions if a Nativity scene with Jesus, Mary, the deciphels and some animals, mostly made out of ceramcis. Many people have those nacimientos in their living rooms at home, and you can also see big one at the Plaza de Armas or other Plazas in Cusco.

Nativity scene at the Plaza de Armas


There are also different parties and festivities in and around the Plaza de Armas in Cusco most of them with music and dance.

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Another typical Cusco tradition are the chocolatadas: many institutions organize Christmas events for the less fortunate:

they invite people of the local communities or some specific neighborhoods in Cusco a cup of hot chocolate, and mostly (cheap)

toys are given to the kids. If you go to the market area in Cusco the days before Christmas you might be able to see a chocolatada.


People buy a lot of peruvian gifts

Santuranticuy: Christmas Market in Cusco

On December 24 you can visit the famous “Santuranticuy” Christmas market. Andean people from the surrounding villages come to Cusco to sell their handicrafts. Santuranticuy means: ” the selling of the saints “ and this fair has been organized in Cusco for more than 500 years now. This market is a must go for travelers in Cusco. Starts early in the morning and ends when everyone goes home to celebrate Christmas Eve. After dinner, at midnights, Peruvians go to mass an there will be fireworks all over Cusco.

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Small Christmas in Markets

If you are looking into tours in Cusco, most travel agencies in Cusco will be open during this periode (except December 25th).  So

during the days right before or right after Christmas most  tours run normally.

Check out our offer tours in Cusco including treks or check: train tours to Machu Picchu.

Visiting the Inca Citadel Machu Pichu during these magical days, is a unique experience!


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3 thoughts on “What to do for Christmas in Cusco

  1. NIce blog, I love the paneton!!

  2. I was at the AMAUTA chocolatada last year and I was very impressed, I hope you organize another chocolatada this year!

  3. Christmas in Cusco is simply beautiful! Lots of paneton and the chocolatadas are my favorite!


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