Where to Celebrate Halloween in Cusco

29 Oct
Dónde celebrar Halloween en Cusco
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Where to Celebrate Halloween in Cusco

Traveling in Peru these days? If so you might want to know what are the best places to celebrate Halloween. In the popular travelers hub Cusco, Halloween in Cusco is primarily for children, tourists, and those who choose to celebrate with them. On 31 of October also the Día de la Música Criolla will be celebrated, so more traditional Cusqueños give preference to that celebration.

The Halloween festivities in Cusco start at least a week before the actual holiday, when children start dressing up and going out in their costumes. Typical costumes include anything related to Disney princesses, zombies, famous traditional figures, cartoon charaters, and small, cute animals, and these costumes for children and adults can be found in Piñaterías, along with all kinds of face paint, props, games, and other accessories.

In Cusco, a full row of these fun little shops can be found on Calla Matará, just two blocks from the famous Avenida del Sol.


Halloween in Cusco



Some halloween decorations can be seen around town – but mostly just in places that are trying to attract tourists. If the holiday falls on the weekend, as it did last year, those looking for a Halloween celebration should look no further than the main Plaza de Armas. The best places to find Halloween parties is in the “discotecas” that surround the plaza, they not only cater to tourists, but love decking out their party spaces with balloons, special discounts, and banners whenever there is any excuse to celebrate.

Día de la Música Criolla


For those who are looking for a more traditional experience, or those who just want a more relaxed holiday, try the celebrations of Criole music! Declared a national holiday in 1944, Día de la Música (or Canción) Criolla culminates the festival of the Señor de los Milagros.

October 31st for most Peruvians, is therefore I celebration of traditional music and national pride. Despite the influences of music such as salsa, hip hop, rock, and reggaeton, the music remains strongly Peruvian in nature, and is a cultural icon and point of intense pride for Peruvians. The music, with its contemplative, sad, or inspirational lyrics traditionally accompanied by guitar, piano, and drums, can be heard on the radio, in the streets, in restaurants, and in the bars and clubs further from the central plaza.


Criole Music


The contrast, and conflict, between these two holidays is a continuous point of debate among Peruvians, especially in Cusco where outside influences bring Halloween to the forefront. This debate adds to the cultural intrigue of Cusco, provides various options for entertainment for tourists, and ensures the continuing emphasis and celebration on Peruvian patriotism.


Don’t miss out on the double celebration Halloween & Musica Criolla here in Cusco!



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