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10 Quick Facts about Christmas in Peru

19 Dec
10 Quick Facts about Christmas in Peru
Tuesday December 19, 2017 - Posted by

10 Quick Facts About Christmas in Peru

Christmas is fast approaching and Cusco is taking on a festive air. Just like any other culture, Peru – and Cusco – has some unique and highly cherished Christmas traditions. Whether it pertains to hot chocolate, a Rooster Mass, or fireworks, there is always plenty to see and do around Cusco during Christmas.   Here is your guide to the fun and (sometimes) strange activities and sites you will come across if you have the luck of spending the holiday season in the Imperial City in Peru.  Here you can read about the most important “10 Quick Facts about Christmas in Peru!”


New year Celebration in Peru

30 Dec
New year Celebration in Peru
Monday December 30, 2013 - Posted by

With 2014 coming so close now, people all over the world are preparing New Year Celebrations for December 31. For some others, New Year is celebrated on other dates, such as India, Iran, Turkey, China, etc.

For every culture in the world, the beginning of a New Year has a particular implication and each one of them receives the New Year in different ways. Also Peru has its own, typical rituals and superstitions to dismiss the old year and to welcome the New Year with new hopes and new plans and projects.

In Peru, on New Year’s Eve, many people attend a party somewhere in town while others receive the New Year at home with friends and family. After a delicious dinner and a few minutes before midnight, the radio stations and Peruvian television announce and finally start the countdown. When clock strikes Midnight everyone hugs and kisses each other with good wishes and either champagne, wine or, Pisco sour, all with loud music, fireworks, firecrackers and rockets at the background. Unlike the Christmas dinner, a typical Peruvian New Year dinner is very varied and lasts for several hours. They are usually large banquets where the favorite dishes are turkey and pork in the oven, accompanied by a variety of salads and rice.

Dia de los Muertos in Peru

25 Oct
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Pan Caballo en Cusco
Friday October 25, 2013 - Posted by

Many people know the Dia de Los Muertos because it’s a very famous holiday in Mexico but actually it’s just as famous here in Peru. It’s also celebrated in Cusco, here mostly known as el Dia de Los Disfuntos or deceased, which sounds a bit more “respectful.”.

This national holiday and important fiesta local, is the day following the Dia de Los Santos (All Saints Day) on November 1st. It is believed that on Dia de Los Disfuntos (November 2nd) souls of ancestors and loved ones visit the Earth. This day is also used for remembrance of the deceased. Long before the Spanish brought the Catholic religion to Peru, Peruvians had celebrations in remembrance of their ancestors. In South America deceased are first buried and only later are they cremated. On the Dia de Los Disfuntos Peruvian families bring their deceased loved one’s favorite food and drink to their tomb. (more…)