Amazon Tours in Tambopata: The Ultimate Jungle Experience in Peru

28 Jan
Amazon Tours in Tambopata: The Ultimate Jungle Experience in Peru
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Amazon Tours in Tambopata: The Ultimate Jungle Experience in Peru

A Trip review of an Amazon Tour in Peru: a four-day Tour to the Tambopata Rainforest

Where is Tambopata?

Amazon Tours or jungle tours are an amazing experience in the heart of most biodiverse place on the planet: the Amazone Rainforest of Peru.

Tambopata National Reserve in Peru is located on the border between Peru and Bolivia, where the rivers flow from the Andes into the immense Peruvian Amazon jungle.

Due to the differences in altitude, there are many humidity levels and temperature differences what makes this region is such a unique spot on earth, with an extremely high variety of biodiversity. In Tambopata, you find hundred million insects, hundreds of thousands exotic plants, and about 1500 different birds and 500 mammals. Therefore, Amazon tours in this paradise for ecologists, photographers and, of course, adventurous travelers, are a unique experience.

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Amazon Tours in Tambopata: The Ultimate Jungle Experience in Peru


Welcome to the jungle: a trip to Monkey Island (day 1)

My Amazon Tour started with a bus trip. There are two ways to travel from Cusco to Tambopata: by night bus or by plane. I choose the 11 hours night trip, which is also the cheapest way. I can certainly recommend it: the bus trip was very comfortable with a big 180 degrees chair and private television. Once we arrived in Puerto Maldonado, we were taken to the Madre de Dios river for our boat to the jungle lodge. The difference in temperature with Cusco was shocking: we left a rainy Cusco with 15 degrees and arrived in a sunny Puerto Maldonado with 33 degrees.

After a boat trip of an hour on the impressive river, we arrived at our Tambopata lodge in the middle of the Peruvian jungle. After we settled in, we made a trip to Monkey Island. Our guide Jonathan told us that since the 1980’s, the island provides a place to rescue and protect monkeys confiscated from urban areas in Peru. The objective of the project is to reintroduce them back into their natural habitat and allow them to learn how to survive for themselves in the rainforest.

It did not take a long time walking on the island to spot the first Howler and Capuchin monkeys. It was a very cool experience to see them jumping, playing and catching the food. Everybody was excited to see the monkeys. To protect the monkeys, we couldn’t be with them for too long (otherwise, they would get angry).

After a lovely dinner in the lodge, there was one other activity: spotting nocturnal animals. We took the boat again. Jonathan had his big light to trace animals along the riverside. After 20 minutes in the dark and beautiful night, we saw two cute Capybara’s eating grass on the riverside. The couple was not impressed by our appearance and continued their late-night dinner. Later, we spotted two baby caimans.


Amazon Tours in Tambopata: The Ultimate Jungle Experience in Peru


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Big Crocodiles in the Lake Sandoval (day 2)

On the second day, we woke up early to visit the Sandoval Lake. The Lago Sandoval is a so-called “oxbow lake”: a U-shaped body of water, that forms when a wide meander from the main stem of a river is cut off, creating a free-standing body of water.

On our one hour-hike through the mud, we spotted different monkeys and some rare Macaw parrots. Later we went on the lake in a canoe and floated around a bit. The lake was beautifully quiet and with nice green trees around. We spotted a lot of wildlife: from a big scary tarantula to fishing herons.

But the most intriguing animal we saw during our lake-cruise was a 3-meter crocodile. The huge crocodile came right to us while we were sitting in our canoe, very close to the water. Surprisingly, I was the only one to be scared. The rest of the group was relaxed and enjoyed the scene while taking photos and videos. Luckily, in the end. I was brave enough to take some photos of the crocodile.


Amazon Tours in Tambopata: The Ultimate Jungle Experience in Peru


Fish is the dish: fishing in the Amazone (day 3)

At the third day, we woke up at 4:30 AM, to sail for 1.5 hours to a macaw and parrot clay lick. A clay lick a naturally forming wall of clay on a riverbank caused by erosion from the river. Interesting fact: the Tambopata National Reserve has the world’s largest known parrot clay lick and the area contains the highest known concentration of them in the world. It was an amazing wildlife scene. Hundreds of parrots were flying around everywhere and making this incredible noise.


Amazon Tours in Tambopata: The Ultimate Jungle Experience in Peru


In the afternoon, we had another activity planned which I was looking forward to very much: fishing! Fishing in the Amazone jungle here in Peru turned out to be quite basic: a wooden stick, a string and a small hook with meat as bait. After ten minutes of utmost concentration, I caught my first and last fish of the day. Altogether, we caught seven different fishes which we prepared for dinner later that night.

But before we could enjoy our self-caught fish, a tropical rainstorm began out of nowhere. This rain shower was more than welcome after three days of intense heat. We took a bath in the jungle river to close the day. I never thought I would swim in a river where piranhas, caimans, and snakes live. All in all, it was a very cool experience.


Amazon Tours in Tambopata: The Ultimate Jungle Experience in Peru


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Attacked by a parrot and zip lining in the jungle! (day 4)

The last day started with a little free time in the morning which I spend sleeping in the hammock. Suddenly, I was woken up by a loud scream. First, I thought it was a girl’s voice. But when I looked in the garden of the lodge, I saw a green parrot sitting on a branch.

I thought it was a nice idea to approach the screaming parrot slowly while filming it. Unluckily, the angry parrot did not like the idea and decided to attack me and tried to bite my head. I could nearly escape and ran away back to my room. I thought parrots were loving animals. Apparently, this one was not.


Amazon Tours in Tambopata: The Ultimate Jungle Experience in Peru


After this near-death experience, I was ready for some serious action. The plan for the afternoon was to do zip line in the middle of the jungle, near the lodge. After a 15 minute-walk through the dense jungle, we arrived at the ziplining spot. We climbed about 15 meters up in a tree from where we had a beautiful view of the rainforest.

There are three long cables hanging right through the jungle. Next, to them, there were two hanging bridges which crossed a small green jungle lake. The overall experience was very cool and gave most of us a huge adrenaline shot.


Amazon Tours in Tambopata: The Ultimate Jungle Experience in Peru


With this thrilling, adventurous activity, Amazon Tour came to an end: four days in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. I have seen many different animals, I learned about the day to day life in the Peruvian rainforest and I did an amazing hike through the dense forest. All of this made my jungle tour in Tambopata truly unforgettable.

Finally, one tip to all travelers reading this blog: when traveling through Peru, it is a ‘must’ to visit the Amazon rainforest, because of its unique nature and wildlife. You won’t regret!

Koen Wolf


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