The most amazing views over the city of Cusco

11 Mar
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The most amazing views over the city of Cusco —- If you are visiting the imperial city of Cusco and you have some free time left, after having visited Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley and other Cusco tours, take some time to just wander around and explore the different neighborhoods. Cusco is an amazing city and we suggest here how to get the most amazing view of Cusco city!

Sunset in Cusco

As Cusco is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, there are several natural as well as ‘official’ view points (“miradores”) in and just outside the city. To start, the closest mirador is only one block from the main square (Plaza de Armas). When you walk up the Calle Suecia (the street at the corner of the Plaza de Armas between the KFC and the BCP office), after 100 meters there are stairs uphill to the right and you will see the first mirador.

When the sun has shined all day, the stones of the wall are warmed up by the sun which makes it an excellent place to watch the sunset when it is getting chilly quickly.


The sun in Cusco is excellent


Cusco by Night

To continue to the next mirador, you have to start at the other corner of the Plaza de Armas: take Calle Triunfo, between the cathedral and Paddy’s Pub. Follow the road up untill you see a church on your right hand after three blocks. Next to this church is the San Blas square (Plaza de San Blas). Walk the stairs up next to the fountain where you can take a seat on the wall to enjoy the evening lights of the city and watch the stars.


evening lights of the city of Cusco


Meditating or Picknick

Go back as if you were just arriving the Plaza de San Blas, cross the Plaza diagonally, take the stairs and go to the right. At the end of this little street there is a path going up to the left that will lead to an unpaved road only accessible by foot. At the end of this path you will find a big rocks with grass on it that is excellent to escape the busy city center full of people and cars, and to give your head some rest. This place is also suitable for a nice picknick with a view over the city and the mountains on the background. If you look down, you see the city, but almost right after you its just the mountains.


Cusco Meditating or Picknick


Sunday afternoon walk

If you are up for a little walk up hill to have a great view of Cusco but you do not want to leave the city, the Plaza de San Cristóbal in front of the San Cristóbal church is a nice option. Actually it is almost outside of Cusco, which gives it the most broadly view, the highest and for that the closest to the city center, but still within the city. There are seats out of stone where you can take a rest from the climbing uphill. You can reach this plaza if you take the road up next to the first mirador. (see section: sunet).


Sunday afternoon walk in Cusco


Mirador inside the city

There is also a possiblity to have a view over the city without walking uphill. In fact, when you walk from the Plaza de Armas and continue all the Avenida El Sol downhill for aproximately 20 minutes. Here you will find a statue. It represents the ninth Inca leader Pachacuti and to enter it you have to pay 10 soles. Since this statue is not that high, you won’t be able to see the whole city but it’s still very nice.


Mirador inside the city of Cusco


Ultimate challenge

If you are up for a challenge and have more time than two hours, you should definetely hike up to the statue of Cristo Blanco. This statue is situated on the mountain next to the ruines of Sacsayhuaman, and therefore you have to go outside the city. The walk, from the Plaza de Armas, is about half an hour, depending on the sun, your, your physical conditions and how acclimatized your are. Take enough water and suncream with you and we promised an amazing view!

Enjoy your walks in Cusco!

If you need a piece of advice, don’t hesitate to contact our Trip Advisors in Cusco!



3 thoughts on “The most amazing views over the city of Cusco

  1. Really Interesting! I live in Cusco but there are some places I didn’t know yet! Thank you!

  2. Nic blog, i’ve been in Cusco but not see all those amazing views only the Plaza San Blas and the Cristo Blanco. WHich were both very good!

  3. I was looking for great views in Cusco and stumbled upon your post. Thanks for the details on how to get there!


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