Adrenaline Pumping Sand Tour Adventures in Peru

04 Apr
Adrenaline Pumping Sand Tour Adventures in Peru
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Adrenaline Pumping Sand Tour Adventures in Peru

The Peruvian coast South of Lima has a lot to offer for those exporing Peru. There is not only a lot to see and to do in this region, such as the Paracas National Reserve, the Nazca Lines, and the Ballestas Islands. But here you can have so much fun during the adrenaline pumping sand based adventure! Keep on reading and get a glance of how much fun sandboarding in Peru is.

Huacachina is the place where you need to travel to. It is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the Peruvian desert nearby Ica and Nazca; a nice and silent place. I loved it there, mainly because I had spent a couple of days in the more hectic and chaotic Peruvian capital Lima before arriving at Huacachina. The small lagoon is attractive, and the weather is good: a great place to relax.


Sandbuggy, Sand Tour adventure Ica Peru


But there is more! This quite spot on the Peruvian coast offers amazing adrenaline pumping sand based adventure tours in Peru! What?! Yes, we’re talking about Buggy riding and sandboarding in Ica! Huacachina became famous approximately ten years ago for the sand surfing and dune bugging in the high sand dunes that surround the oasis in the province of Ica. Those tours have proved to be spectacular, exciting, above all, a lot of fun! A must-do for travelers in Peru!


Adrenaline Pumping Sand Tour Adventures in Peru


What to bring on a Sand Boarding Tour?

  • water
  • sun glasses
  • clothes to protect you from chilly wind after sunset
  • sunscreen (especially for 10 am and 1 pm shifts)
  • shorts
  • a few USD $ for the entrance fee (4.00 Peruvian soles)


The sand tours in Ica leave twice or three times a day, around 10,00 am around 1.00 pm and around 4.00 pm. The morning shifts are a bit shorter, due to the sun and he heat. First, you go in a sand buggy with your guide. You’ll drive out of the village, into the amazing hills of sand hill next to Huacachina. Prepare for sharp curves, up and down on the most bar parts of the sand hills. It feels like a rollercoaster with many dips and turns.

After driving around the guide will drop you off and that’s where the sandboarding can start. It is not necessary to have any previous experience. The guide will help you with finding the right position: lying down or, for the more advanced, standing. He or she will tell you what to do and what not to do. After reaching the base of the first dune, the buggy will meet you and take you to next dune; if all goes well, the dunes will get higher and higher while you become more confident with the sand board.


Ica Sunset Huacachina Peru


If possible at all, I’ll certainly recommend you take the 4.00 pm shift. This, because after two hours of ‘fun in the sand”, you will enjoy the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen with an amazing view of the sun going down over the hills of sand. And when we drove back to the village, we saw this beautiful light over Huacachina. This made the sand boarding tour an even better experience.


Interested in more tours in Southern Peru?

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