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5 Irresistible South American Desserts for Valentine’s Day

Irresistible desserts for valentines day

Every year around Valentine´s Day, chocolate sales skyrocket as lovers around the world empty market shelves to buy toffees and other sweet candies for their loved ones. On this special day of the year, in many restaurants of the world, a romantic dessert creation cannot be missed and rounds up the perfect Valentine´s date. Especially in South America and in Peru, we can find plenty of amazing Peruvian desserts and chocolates that are a perfect fit to show our affection for that special someone. 5 Irresistible South American Desserts for Valentine’s Day.

If you ar traveling in Peru or elsewhere in South America, or, you want to prepare something really special for your Valentine back home, keep on reading and take a look at these perfect Five Irresistible South American Desserts for Valentine’s Day.

Suspiro Limeño, Peru

Translated, the “Suspiro Limeño” means the sigh of Lima. Traditionally this popular Peruvian dessert is also called Suspiro de Limeña, meaning “the sigh of a woman from Lima”. What could be more romantic than a dessert that makes your date sigh out of pleasure? Suspiro Limeño is a traditional dessert in Peru having its origin in the Peruvian capital Lima.

Suspiro Limeno Peru

Consisting of a caramel-like cream made from condensed milk (dulce de leche, or also called manjar blanco), topped with a meringue (cream made with whipped egg whites with sugar or syrup) and sometimes a touch of port wine, you should not forget to brush your teeth after having this sweet dessert!

Alfajores, Argentina and Uruguay

These tasty cookies are a typical product of southern Latin America, specially produced in Argentina and Uruguay but also ubiquitous in Peru. A perfect gift when picking up your date as they com in bite-sized pieces and taste like sweet heaven. Two buttery biscuits sandwiching a generous portion of dulce de leche – who wouldn´t get a crush over this sweet candy?

Alfajores south american dessert

Bien Me Sabe, Venezuela

The name of this delicious cake from Venezuela translates to “tastes good to me,” and can be described as a Venezuelan version of tiramisu. If you are meeting your date of a cup of coffee or you planned a romantic dinner – this cake won´t fail to round up Valentine´s Day with a sweet bite of candy heaven. It consists of spongy cake layers between which a sweet coconut cream is spread. The whole cake is topped with coconut flakes.

Sweet Valentines Day Peru

Chokis, Colombia

If you have offered your date one of these chocolatey bites, he or she will definitely not deny a second or third one. These small bite-size Chokis are puffed corn with a sweet chocolate cover – there is no way to have just one! Chokis are traditionally eaten in Colombia and are sold in supermarkets. There is also a more exquisite version sold at a real chocolatier.

Chocotorta – Argentina

Chocotorta Argentina Sweet

As the name suggests, a “Chocotorta” is a chocolate cake, however, not like any other! In Argentina, this chocolate dream traditionally consists of a layer of dark chocolate biscuit, stapled with various heavenly layers of dulce de leche and a sort of cream cheese.

There are many variations of this Argentinian cake; sometimes the biscuits are even dipped into coffee before they are layered which makes the Chocotorta resemble the Italian dessert tiramisu. If your date hasn´t fallen in love until now, the Chocotorta will guaranteed hit the spot!

We hope you enjoyed reading (and tasting) 5 Irresistible South American Desserts for Valentine’s Day.

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