5 Crazy Things you will experience in the Jungle of Peru

30 Sep
5 Crazy Things you will experience in the Jungle of Peru
Friday September 30, 2016 - Posted by to Adventure Travel, Peru Travel

5 Crazy Things you will experience in the Jungle of Peru

When I came to Peru, I was totally prepared to visit the Peruvian highlands: I was going to see the Andean mountains, Indian people, colourful dresses, llamas and Inca Ruins. I was somehow aware that there was more, because I had read about the different landscapes in Peru that included not only the Andes, but also a dessert and a large coastline with beaches. And I also heard about the Peruvian Amazon, that actually covers one third of the country!

So after a few weeks traveling in Peru, I decided to head off to the jungle. Pretty unprepared. What I can tell you now, is, that I’m so happy I included the Rainforest of Peru in my travel itinerary. It was AMAZING and I would like to tell you about the Five crazy things you will experience in the jungle of Peru.

  1. Zip lining through the Jungle

On the first day after our arrival in the Tambopata Rainforest, we went zip lining. What an awesome adventure it was! Walking over an impressive chain bridge with an amazing view over the jungle, was an experience I will never forget! Before we came to the Jungle, we made jokes about being Jane and meeting Tarzan. Well, flying through the jungle attached to a rope definitely gives a Tarzan-like sensation!!

Ziplining Tambopata Peru

  1. Swimming next to caimans

The second thing we did was kayaking over the river to Monkey Island or Isla del Mono. When we entered our lodge for the first time, we saw some kayaks laying around, but we didn’t think that we would actually use them because they didn’t look safe at all. But, yes, these where the kayaks we were going to use! We were afraid that we would fall in the water. Which doesn’t sound scary or dangerous at all, until you know that there are caimans and piranhas in the river…! Our guide said that it was ok if we wanted to swim in the river, but swimming next to a caiman wasn’t really what I had in mind. Luckily we didn’t fall over board, and it was a lovely experience!

Kayaking Jungle Peru River

  1. Spiders in the night

Our lodge looked really nice. The rooms where big and we had a nice view of the jungle. After we had turned off the lights, my roommate saw a lizard crawling over the wall. So of course we immediately freaked out. We tried to sleep, but after about 5 minutes we heard a noise coming from our bags, that were placed on the floor. It sounded like something wanted to steal our food. We tried to spot it with our flashlights, but we couldn’t find it. However, we did manage to spot a really, really big spider! We decided to snuggle in the beds together and try to get some more sleep. All part of the jungle immersion experience…

5 Crazy Things you will experience in the Jungle of Peru

  1. Parrot Watching

The last day we woke up really early in the morning for a nice hike through the Jungle. The guide brought us to the jungle by boat, and we had to walk a few kilometres before we arrived at a bird spotting sight. We saw a group of colourful parrots descending through the air to the clay lick, what an amazing experience! We could see them really well and we could take beautiful photos. After a while, we asked the guide if we were allowed to walk further by ourselves, and the guide was completely fine with it. So there we went, two Dutch girls walking through the Peruvian Amazon Jungle by themselves. You would think that walking through the dark jungle without a guide wouldn´t be ok at all, but here it was. Gladly the only insects and animals we saw where beautiful butterflies and the beautiful birds flying above!

Tambopata Peru Guacamayo

  1. Caterpillars can be quite dangerous

After our Jungle walk, we went back to the lodge and chilled on the grass for a few hours in the sun. Of course this was a really bad idea, because we were attacked by multiple insects, including mosquitoes, really big flies, some other weird looking insects, and a massive caterpillar. My friend felt something on her side and thought it was a mosquito or something, so she pulled it off with her hand and discovered that it wasn’t a harmless mosquito at all. On the contrary, it was a big, scary-looking caterpillar that crawled back to our blanket immediately after she had brushed it away. At first we thought hmm…that is a strange looking insect, but we didn’t worry about it at all. When we came back to civilization, we searched the caterpillar on the internet and found out that this was one of the most lethal caterpillars in the world. So when you go to the Jungle: never NEVER touch a caterpillar!

Chain Bridge Jungle Peru

The Tambopata National Reserve is located in the southern part of the Peruvian Amazon on the Bolivian border, about 260 km east of Cusco. The reserve can be accessed from the city of Puerto Maldonado, where you can take a boat or a car to enter the Park. One of the main attractions is the Colpa de Guacamayos (Macaw Clay Lick), one of the largest natural clay licks in South America. Here you can see hundreds of red, blue and green parrots and macaws come together every day. Another highlight of a trip to Tambopata is a visit to Lago Sandoval. Other activities – next to the above mentioned ziplining and kayaking, include jungle walks, caiman spotting at night, fishing, and cultural activities with the local people living here. Tambopata is home for endless numbers of species of wildlife, trees and plants, such as spectacular orchids and medical plants. Visitors to Tambopata can expect to see monkeys, insects, tapirs, jaguars, capibaras, giant anteaters, river otters and more.

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