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What’s best: Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) or Palccoyo?

14 Jun
Wat is beter: Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) of Palccoyo?
June 14, 2019 - Posted by

What’s best: Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) or Palccoyo?

Many travellers in Peru have heard about the famous Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, but a new tour name is emerging on the market radar: Palccoyo, also known as the Alternative Rainbow Mountain. If you are wondering what’s the best option for you and you question the differences and the pros and cons of each tour, this article is for you!  In this blog, we would like to explain some of the differences between the two tours and what you can expect. This will help you to decide what tour to check off your bucket list and see what’s best: Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca) or Palccoyo?

Quick Facts about Rainbow Mountain and Palccoyo: