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Perfect Peru Itineraries for One Week or Ten Days Travel

29 Nov
Perfect Peru Itineraries for One Week or Ten Days Of Travel
Thursday November 29, 2018 - Posted by

Perfect Peru Itineraries for One Week or Ten Days Travel

With its dramatic ruined Inca fortresses, golden coastline and rugged mountains aching to be hiked, Peru has plenty to keep you busy on a backpacking trip or vacation. Whether you’re planning on spending one week in the country, ten days or more, we’ve got the perfect Peru itinerary for you.

Peru itinerary 10 days

With this 10 day Peru itinerary, it’s possible to explore the delights of Peru’s colonial capital, Lima, head down the coast to the wildlife reserve off the shores of Paracas, fly over the Nazca lines, watch Andean condors soaring over the Colca Canyon, explore the city of the Inca – Cusco – before dawn at the world-renowned ruins of Machu Picchu. (more…)

How to stay safe while traveling in Peru

27 Nov
Tuesday November 27, 2018 - Posted by

How to stay safe while traveling in Peru.  —-  From the friendliness of it’s people, to the natural beauty and range of activities — Peru captivates it’s travelers. To ensure you make the most out of your trip in Peru while exploring exciting destinations such as Cusco, Machu Picchu or the Amazon rainforest.  For people traveling in groups, couples or friends or (female) solo travelers, here are some tips to help you stay safe and enjoy the culture while traveling in Peru.


Be carefull on the streets

It is important to always be aware of traffic in Peru. When out in the streets of LimaCusco, or any other city, be careful and look both ways before crossing the street. Do not assume that vehicles will yield to pedestrians. In general, pedestrians are expected to yield to traffic. Be cautious: many vehicles follow their own rules.


Money issues in Peru

Small change in Peru is essential. Larger bills are not accepted in certain areas. There are several locations in the cities capable of breaking change (or exchanging foreign currency) but better make sure you have small change when traveling by taxi or buying in local shops.

Some credit and debit cards are not accepted. The most common credit or debit card accepted is Visa but there is a surcharge. Some places accept MasterCard.

How much does a trip to Machu Picchu cost?

06 Nov
How much does a trip to Machu Picchu cost in 2018?
Tuesday November 06, 2018 - Posted by

How much does a trip to Machu Picchu cost?

It can be confusing piecing together information on the internet to work out exactly how much a trip to Machu Picchu costs. Whether you plan to visit the Inca citadel of Peru independently, or are looking to get an idea of how much different tours, such as the Inca Trail or other hiking routes to Machu Picchu cost, we’ve put together this guide to help you figure it out.

Know before you go: Traveling to Machu Picchu

How far is Machu Picchu from Cusco?

The Cusco to Machu Picchu distance is only 75 kilometers as the bird flies. However, in practice, it’s a lot more complicated than this, as there are no roads that directly lead to Machu Picchu. Instead, you can arrive by train or on foot. (more…)

19 Things To Do for Christmas in Cusco

04 Nov
19 Things To Do for Christmas in Cusco
Sunday November 04, 2018 - Posted by

19 Things To Do for Christmas in Cusco

If you are looking for something different for the Christmas holidays this year, a Christmas vacation in Peru could be just perfect for you! Christmas in Peru, as in other South American countries, is a unique experience. It´s probably very different than you are used to, with many new things to see and do!

Christmas in Cusco

On the days before Christmas, the beautiful town of Cusco will become the vibrant center of celebrations for both tourists and Andean people, who maintain many traditions and customs of the Quechua people. Cusco is an ideal spot for travelers, with an impressive infrastructure of hotels, cafes, restaurants and so on. Soak up the Cusco Christmas spirit and enjoy a magical Christmas time in Peru with our 19 Things to Do for Christmas in Cusco. (more…)