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Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Lake Titicaca

29 Aug
Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Lake Titicaca
Wednesday August 29, 2018 - Posted by

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Lake Titicaca


With its perfectly azure waters and affinity with the sky that seems so close above, Lake Titicaca has long enthralled those who live on its banks.

Considered the “birthplace of the sun” by the Inca and still regarded as a spiritual, sacred place, it’s a unique stop along the tourist circuit of Peru. Tours to Lake Titicaca allow visitors to learn more about the lake’s fascinating spiritual history and even meet the waters’ inhabitants, whose way of lives have changed little in the last millennia.

What exactly is Lake Titicaca?

Lake Titicaca (Lago Titicaca) is a lake in Peru and Bolivia that is the highest navigable body of water in the world. It’s home to a number of islands, both manmade and natural, where unique Peruvian cultures and traditions still flourish. (more…)

Animals & Wildlife in Peru: A Detailed Guide

02 Aug
Yawar Fiesta in Peru
Thursday August 02, 2018 - Posted by


With its array of geographical regions, ecosystems and climate types, it should come as no surprise that Peru is a country with a wealth of different flora and fauna. From the tops of the Andes Mountains to the coast, desert and even the jungle, there are plenty of different places to encounter an array of different Peruvian animals.

Join us as we roam the length and breadth of this unique country in search of its most fascinating native species.

Animals that live in the Andes Mountains of Peru

The alpaca

One of the most well-known animals of Peru would be the alpaca. Often confused with the llama (they are pretty similar), this native Peruvian animal is often found in the Andes Mountains regions of Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile as well. (more…)