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Zip lining in Peru in the Sacred Valley

31 Mar
Tuesday March 31, 2015 - Posted by

Zip lining in Peru in the Sacred Valley


Ever thought about zip lining in Peru? If you ever feel the urge of feeling free and you have the itch to do something adventurous during your travels in Peru, you should!  The Sacred Valley Zip line Tour will give you the shot of adrenaline you (might) need and you want to feel. So just go for it and try it yourself! The tour in the Cusco area is safe and fun and is designed for all ages.

Together with five fellow travelers in beautiful Cusco, I spontaneously booked a zip lining trip to the Sacred Valley. We wanted to do something active and adventurous and spend some time in the beautiful nature of the Sacred Valley. Accompanied by two drivers, we were picked up in Cusco from where we drove to the Sacred Valley, at approximately one hour from Cusco. (more…)

Do This Stunning One Day Hike in Cusco

29 Mar
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trek in cusco peru
Sunday March 29, 2015 - Posted by

Cusco Rambles: Hiking in Peru to “Señor de Huanca” (day trip)

Cusco is stunningly gorgeous. Think LOTR type landscapes at every turn. Snow topped mountains and rugged plains, quilted green farmland and switched back paths. It’s a hiker’s paradise, so my boyfriend and I are in heaven. We’ve decided, now that he’s adjusted to the altitude, that we’re going to go do a hike in Cusco every other weekend. If it weren’t for my work, we’d ditch it all and live in a tent.

This past Sunday we started off with the Señor de Huanca pilgrimage hike in Cusco. Like any good myth, there are many versions of the story behind Señor de Huanca which is a religious painting of Christ in the Señor de Huanca church. Most of the legends begin in the late 1600s with an indigenous man named Diego who one night flees abuse and persecution in the mines. (more…)