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Travelling with a stray dog in South America

29 Aug
Travelling with a stray dog in South America
Friday August 29, 2014 - Posted by

When I started my trip in South America a fair 13 months ago, I never imagined ending my journey with a stray dog. Yes, I am an animal lover, but my intention was not to travel and save dogs along the way. The dog that I found though, or actually he found me, is just special.

I was living in Minca, Colombia when this random skinny dog came to say hello. He jumped on top of me, a bit nervous but still enthusiastic. Unfortunately he was scared away by the owner of the hostel where I lived. I just hoped to see this dog again. He looked so skinny. I just wanted to feed him.

A few days later the dog showed back up again. It was nighttime, I was just going to bed so I opened my tent and the dog jumped right in, settled down on my mattress and fell asleep. Not sure what to do I decided to just leave him there. I was aware that the dog might have flees or disgusting diseases but he looked so happy lying there. Next morning he started to follow me everywhere I went. A few days later I moved hostels. The dog didn’t follow me to my new place. He felt comfortable where he was. Scared away from the hostel again I found him back some time later. (more…)

Never a dull moment in Huaraz

04 Aug
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Never a dull moment in Huaraz
Monday August 04, 2014 - Posted by

The Boulder of Peru, that is how many people know Huaraz. The small town of Huaraz, in central Peru, is famous for it’s outdoor adventures, mainly trekking. Walking through the center you are surrounded by the beautiful snow peaked mountains of the Cordillera Blanca. The mountaintops for me, were like a landmark telling me where to go. Without them I would have gotten lost in Huaraz. Not that the town is so big and easy to get lost in. It’s more that I have a bad sense of direction. Most people travelling to Huaraz like the mountains for other reasons though. Mountaineers come here `en masse` to explore the Cordillera Blanca. The highest peak can be found at 6768 meters.