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How to stay safe while traveling in Peru

27 Jan
Stay safe while traveling in Peru
Monday January 27, 2014 - Posted by

So you’ve arrived to Peru! For sure you are already impressed by the beauty of this country and by the friendliness of the Peruvian people. Here are some tips to help you stay safe and enjoy the culture while you’re traveling in Peru.

Be carefull on the streets

When out in the streets of Lima, Cusco or any other city in Peru, be very careful and look both ways before crossing the street. Policia do not heavily enforce traffic rules in Peru. You should be patient because many vehicles here follow their own rules and don’t always stop for red lights.

Money in Peru

Small change in Peru is essential no matter what your specific location. Larger denominations can’t be accepted sometimes. With some markets or vendors, they will walk around town in search of someone capable of breaking the sol note leaving you waiting. There are many locations around town capable of breaking change or exchanging foreign currency. Additionally, hold on to your wallet especially when visiting the black markets like El Molino or el Baratillo, in Cusco.

Do something different, take a motorcycle tour in Cusco

15 Jan
Motorcycle Tour in Cusco, Peru
Wednesday January 15, 2014 - Posted by

Do something different, take a motorcycle tour in Cusco

If you are ready to do something different in Peru and you are looking for more adventurous tours in Cusco, you should check out the Motorcycle Tours in Peru. The tours Dos Manos Peru offers are very safe and exciting with options to fit any tourists price range or time limit you won’t be unhappy! Do something different, take a motorcycle tour in Cusco!

The ATV tours or Quad Biking Tours include Manu National Park, Machu Picchu, Tipon and Enaco trips.

For some who are pressed for time or limited on expenses, I personally suggest the 4 hour Enaco Tour. This price depends on the size of the group and the amount covers everything from transportation, gas, your guide and complete safety gear such as helmet,

This price depends on the size of the group and the amount covers everything from transportation, gas, your guide and complete safety gear such as helmet, gloves, motorcycle glasses and a jacket.

Feast of the adoration of the Magi

06 Jan
Feast of the adoration of the magi
Monday January 06, 2014 - Posted by

The Catholic feast known as the “Epiphany of the lord – the adoration of the Magi” is better known in Peru as “The Descent of Kings“, “Easter of Kings” or “the Visit of Kings“. This Catholic feast day evoked the three wise men Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar, who went from the East to Bethlehem, guided by a star, in order to honor and give offerings to the future King of the Jews (Jesus).

In Peru, formerly the feast of “Descent of Kings” had a different connotation. Originally, it was not at all related to gifts as it is now. In times past, on the 6th January each ornament and figure of nativities was dismounted to be saved until the next Christmas. During this celebration, a “Godfather” for each image was chosen, who, after waiting his turn in a row, had to take the sculpture of the nativity to be saved it, and then he had to give an amount of money. Especially the Godfathers of the main figures took pains to give a significant amount as the amount donated was announced aloud to the audience attending this rite. All this celebration culminated with a big family party.