Looking for an adventurous alternative to the Inca Trail?

Dos Manos Peru has your answer! Our four day Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu boasts it all: exhilaration, exploration and excitement.

This multiple terrain trip promises everything and is certain to satisfy the most adventurous of spirits.

On day one you will find yourself hurtling downhill on a thrilling bike ride through natural cloud forest, passing through local villages, fruit plantations and rivers, all the while to the backdrop of stunning panoramic views.

Day two is spent trekking through the jungle, following the river and exploring the best of Amazonian nature. Among many species of wildlife you will have the opportunity to spot parrots, hummingbirds, eagles, lizards and even wild cats.

On day three you journey toward your penultimate destination, the riverside town of Aguas Calientes, famous for its thermal waters.

Day four marks the highlight of your adventure… your encounter with one of the Seven New Wonders of the World – the magical Machu Picchu. After a 4am awakening you will reach the Lost City of the Incas for sunrise; a breathtaking experience.

It is high season here in Peru and there are hordes of people scrambling to grab those last few spots on the Inca Trail, so that they too can join the thousands of other travelers making the infamous journey to the magical Machu Picchu.

If you think you are one of the unfortunate souls to have missed out… THINK AGAIN! You can still voyage to Machu Picchu this year and, what´s more, you can choose from some of the most spectacular treks that the Andes have to offer.
  • Want to get off the beaten track? Our Salkantay Trail is for you. This trail combines a quieter, less trodden route with a visit to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. The scenery is truly magnificent. Cheaper than the Inca Trail, daily departures, great option.
  • Thirsty for adventure? Our Jungle Trek will satisfy your needs. One day you will be speeding downhill on an exhilarating bike ride through cloud forest and the next you will be trekking through the jungle spotting wildlife. This is an exciting alternative to more traditional journeys.
  • Looking for a real physical challenge? Consider our Choquekiraw Trail. Nine days trekking ensures you arrive at Machu Picchu having achieved an impressive feat. Along the way you explore little known Inca ruins, visit disused mines, spot condors and peer over the ledge of one the deepest canyons in the world...
  • What about a lovely train trip? There are trains for all budgets and preferences, from Backpacker to Vistadome to Hiram Bingham, the Supervip luxurious train wagon.
Remember, there is still time to organize your journey to the Lost City of the Incas. So get in touch to start planning the trip of a lifetime and contact info@dosmanosperu.com
June is thé Festival Month in Peru! Peruvian festivals are, by nature, gregarious expressions of joy, pride and vitality. The dynamic celebrations come in many forms but what unites them all is the fusion of music, dance, colour and, above all, jubilation. Every visitor to Peru should experience these first class examples of Peruvian culture.


2011 marks a momentous occasion in Peruvian history. The nation's archaeological gem - the universally acclaimed Machu Picchu – is celebrating its 100th anniversary of rediscovery and Peru will be commemorating the anniversary with typical enthusiasm.

The main event will be a ceremony at the Machu Picchu ruins with a dramatic show of sound, light and music reflecting the indigenous ritual of making offerings to Pacha Mama.

Huge events will take place all over the ancient Incan metropolis of Cusco giving a dynamic expression of the joy and pride of a people with a truly great history. 2011 could not be a better time to visit Peru. If you want to get a true feel for the Peruvian personality you need to experience the people in full festive swing. The passion with which they observe occasions of national significance really is a sight to behold.

This anniversary is an event of global interest that will celebrate the fascinating ancestry of Peru in style, and is set to be one of the greatest events of the modern world.

Dos Manos is proud to offer many opportunities for visitors to join in. From tours of the city of Cusco, explorations of mysterious Inca ruins to voyages to the great Machu Picchu itself, the magic of Peru is waiting at your fingertips...

This month there is a unique opportunity to visit an authentic Incan festival held high in the Andean mountains June 20 – 21 2011. If you are interested in witnessing first-hand Incan ceremonies & traditions in a small indigenous village under the stunning backdrop of one of the most striking peaks in the Vilcanota mountain range then please read on...

Among the many enchanting festivals that punctuate Peru´s annual calendar, the Qoyllority Festival stands out as one of the most intriguing of all.


Undoubtedly one of the world´s most magnificent sights, the natural wonder of Iguazu Falls is certain to inspire all those that have the good fortune to visit it.

Sitting on the Argentinean/Brazilian border, this phenomenal spectacle can be surveyed from both countries. Despite the fact that 80% of the falls belong to Argentina, each side offers a unique experience.

The views of Iguazu Falls change with every step. Iguazu consists of over 270 falls, the most impressive of which is known as the ´Devil´s Throat´, the highest part of which reaches 269 feet in the air.

Iguazu has the greatest average annual flow of water in the world and, at present, its water levels are at their highest - a dramatic sight to behold.

Dos Manos offers a number of options for exploring Iguazu Falls, taking in both the Argentinean and Brazilian sides.

From walking tours through the numerous trails, stopping to observe the outstanding panoramic views, flying through the falls in powerful zodiac speedboats, experiencing the true force of nature from beneath, going on safari through the jungle or even gliding through the canopy of trees at awesome heights on a purpose built pulley system, Dos Manos offers activities in abundance.

As one of the most imposing natural attractions of the entire continent Iguazu Falls is, without a doubt, a South American must-see .

Which traditional Peruvian dish most allures your taste buds?
chicha morada
Found in almost every restaurant in Peru, this dish comes in many variations. The general idea is raw white fish (usually sea bass) marinated in citrus, onions and chillies. It is traditionally served with sweet potatoes or corn.
pisco sour
Otherwise known as FRIED GUINEA PIG, this long-established dish once consumed by Incan royalty remains a speciality to this day. Some restaurants cut it into small pieces while other favour the more dramatic presentation of the entire animal, complete with head, teeth, feet and internal organs served on your plate...
coca tea
A smaller version of a llama, but with a taste that is beyond comparison, this meat combines a unique mix of flavours that has been described by some to be akin to venison, pork and beef.


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