U.S. Restaurant Chain, Olive Garden, Makes its Way to Peru

Wednesday March 26, 2014
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When you travel to Lima, Peru you will find yourself astonished by the abundance of restaurants, malls, and theatres you can find. The city is a big combination of history and modernity. Adding soon to this modernity is a famous restaurant chain from the United States, Olive Garden.

It is one of the greatest Italian food restaurants in the U.S. and it is coming to Lima, Peru. It has been announced recently that the restaurant will open its first location sometime in April on the sixth block of Avenida Primavera, in Chacarilla, San Borja.

Now expats from the United States will not just dream about their delicious breadsticks, but they can eat them too. According to the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, the restaurant´s name will be modified to “Olive Italian Restaurant” and will be managed by the Delosi Group. The restaurant is originally owned by Darden Restaurants in the United States, but they have made an alliance with the Delosi Group who manages many other U.S. restaurants in Peru, such as, Chili´s and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

With over 800 Olive Gardens in the U.S., the first Olive Garden will make its appearance in Peru and it is sure to be a success. Peru is making big leaps every day, and this is just one more step to bringing many parts of the world to Lima. Come experience the many great places to see and visit in Peru.

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