Wednesday December 17, 2014

On Monday Dec. 8th Greenpeace may have crossed the line, literally. In their most recent publicity stunt, twenty Greenpeace activists from seven countries used the Nazca Lines in southern Peru to broadcast a message to the COP20 representatives in Lima. Trekking a kilometer from the highway in the darkness of pre-dawn hours they arrived at the hummingbird figure where they laid out a message on the ground in giant yellow letters: “Time for Change! The Future is Renewable” signed with their name underneath, “Greenpeace.”

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“Peru Honored with ’2014 World’s Leading Culinary Destination’ Award”

Wednesday December 10, 2014

Each year the World Travel Awards honors different countries for excellence in all areas of the tourism industry and global travel. On Monday Dec. 8th Foreign Trade and Tourism minister, Magali Silva, confirmed that Peru had won the highly coveted 2014 World’s Leading Culinary Destination award. Additionally, Perutravel, an official tourism website run by the Peruvian government, was honored with the World’s Leading Tourism Authority Website 2014 award. (more…)

“Hopes are High for COP20 Climate Talks in Lima”

Wednesday December 10, 2014

The first week of COP20 climate talks in Lima concluded as negotiators entered a second and final week of debate this Monday. The event, which has drawn representatives from 195 countries, non-profits, and celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Watson to Peru, began on Dec. 1st and is scheduled to end on Dec. 12th. COP20, which stands for the 20th Conference of the Parties, is a yearly environmental conference that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (more…)

Less hunger and malnutrition in Peru

Wednesday December 03, 2014

The FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization, says hunger and malnutrition in Peru has been reduced. After years of implementing government programs the FAO can say that between 1992 and 2002 the number of hungry people in Peru dropped from 7 million to 2.7 million. Jazmine Casafranca of the FAO says Peru accomplished the biggest reduction of hunger of all South American countries. (more…)

Ed Sheeran to Lima in April 2015

Monday December 01, 2014

Ed Sheeran is about to come to Lima. On the 21st of April 2015 he will give away a show singing his greatest hits as well as songs from his latest album. The singer is known for his mixture of musical styles like folk, pop and hip-hop. Most famous songs of Sheeran are ‘Lego House’ and ‘A team’. (more…)

British teachers heading to Peru

Tuesday November 25, 2014

The United Kingdom will send some 500 teachers to Peru in 2015. This in an effort to improve the quality of teaching the English language. Also about 200 Peruvian teachers will go to the U.K. to learn the language better. According to education Minister Jaime Saavedra Chanduvì: “It has always been said that the English teachers have deficiencies in speaking the language. Training the language in the U.K. is a way to solve the problem.” (more…)

Hundreds of sea lions dead along Peruvian coast

Monday November 24, 2014

Along the Anconcillo beach, in Northern Peru, hundreds of sea lions have been found dead. It is not clear yet what happened to the animals. Environmental officials of Peru and regional police forces are investigating the matter. Possibly the animals were sick or ate trash, although there are people that accuse fisherman of poisoning the mammals. (more…)

Gaston Acurio, Peruvian chef awarded by UNESCO

Thursday November 20, 2014

Because of his positive representation of Peru earlier this week, the Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio received two simultaneous recognitions in Paris. He was recently honored by UNESCO and was also presented with a diploma from the world’s largest hospitality institution Le Cordon Bleu. (more…)

Great year for the Andean Quinoa

Wednesday November 19, 2014

Quinoa seems to be a genuine superfood. Not just because of its great nutritional value but also because of its remarkable performance in the international markets this year.

Between January and September the Peruvian quinoa exportation has grown 222%, according to Gestión. Comex Sunat reports that the Peruvian quinoa export totaled US$ 141 million during an 8 months period in 2014. (more…)

“Peru’s agro exports will increase by US$ 1 billion”

Tuesday November 18, 2014

To make Peru’s export grow, US$ 222 million will be invested into The Olmos Irrigation Project in Northern Peru. This will provide irrigation and electricity for the northern regions of Lambayeque, Piura and Cajamarca. Today, on November 18, the project will be inaugurated by irrigating the new 38,000 crop hectares, plus the already existing 5,500 hectares by a water intake. The Ceremony for the start of the project will be visited by President Ollanta Humala and other personalities. (more…)

Peruvians won Marathon of the Andes

Monday November 17, 2014

Last Sunday the Marathon of the Andes set a new record. The winning time was 2:18:30. Raul Pacheco finished nearly 150 meters ahead of second place winner Alene Emera, of Ethiopia.In the women’s division, Inés Melchor set a new record with a finishing time of 2:39:06. A special element of the win was that both Pacheco and Melchor are natives to Huancayo, the starting place. (more…)

Ricardo Palma book fair returns to Lima

Friday November 14, 2014

Today, Friday November 14, the 35th edition of the Feria del Libro Ricardo Palma, annual book fair begins in Lima. This year attendees can expect a larger venue, a wider range of literature, as well as activities to take part in, and performances to enjoy. The location of the 17-day long event has changed this year but the entrance is still free of charge.

The theme of this year is: “Tus libros a la vista,” or “Your books in sight”. (more…)

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