Monday September 01, 2014

In the north-west region of Peru, La Libertad, tourism has increased a lot over the last seven years. Today almost twice as many people visit the area as compared to 2007. By the end of this year more than 1.4 million tourists are expected to have visited the region. In 2007 that number was 600,000. (more…)

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Peru to be number one producer of fine cacao in ten years time

Friday August 29, 2014

The director of the Cocoa Alliance Peru, José Iturrios estimates that in 10 years time Peru will be producer number one of fine cocoa in the world, replacing Ecuador. "Peru has the great advantage of being a home area of cacao and have the largest biodiversity of cocoa in the world. (more…)

Traditonal Peruvian dishes in a Washington restaurant

Friday August 29, 2014

Carlos Delgado, a Peruvian chef, runs a restaurant in Washington, called Ocopa. He has taken the traditional Peruvian flavors to the capital of the United States. Delgado was born in Callao, Peru but moved to the United States when he was eleven. He started working in kitchens as a teenager. (more…)

Peruvian film ‘Guard Dog’ shown at Film Festival in Canada.

Friday August 29, 2014

‘Guard Dog’ or ‘Perros Guardian’ is a thriller directed by Bacha Caravdo and Daniel Higashionna about a hired assassin, performed by Carlos Alcántara, who entangles himself in a strange relationship with a 16-year old girl and becomes familiar with her Christian community. (more…)

Culinary Lima among the world’s smartest cities

Friday August 29, 2014

National Geographic Travel Magazine says Lima is the world’s 16th smartest city. The capital of Peru outsmarts cities such as Amsterdam, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Kigali, Mexico city, Seoul, Taipei and Vancouver. According to National Geographic Lima is the World’s Most Edible Burg because of its rich gastronomy influenced by a wide variety of other ethnic cuisines. (more…)

Peru to possibly substitute for Russian boycot products

Friday August 29, 2014

Due to conflicts the Russian government decided not to import meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and dairy products from various countries including the European Union, the United States and Australia. For Peru this is a great chance. (more…)

Peru to host Mining & Investment Latin America Summit

Tuesday August 26, 2014

Lima, the capital of Peru will be hosting the Minding & Investment Latin America Summit, a two-day event set for October. Focused on mining investment and efficiency, the event is expected to draw over 600 attendees. (more…)

Rich and famous find Peru a perfect destination

Monday August 25, 2014

South America is being visited more and more by celebrities and wealthy people. Previously multimillionaire Bill Gates and Hollywood star Antonio Banderas visited Peru and caused local media to bring their stay as the news of the day. (more…)

The last prisoner on Brazil’s Big Island

Friday August 22, 2014

The 83 year old Julio de Almeida is the last prisoner on Ilha Grande, near the coast of Rio de Janeiro

Nowadays the island is a popular tourist destination, but for a century it was completely closed off. First it was used to house a leper colony. Later it turned into a top security prison. It was closed in 1994 but Julio still lives there.


Peru can detect Ebola virus within 24 hours

Thursday August 21, 2014

Peru has all that is necessary to detect the Ebola virus within 24 hours. Up till now there have not been any cases of the virus reported in Peru, but the National Institute of Health (INS) declares they are prepared.


Simon Bolivar on the white screen

Wednesday August 13, 2014

The story of the liberator of South America from the Spanish is going digital. Simon Bolivar was a born aristocrat that turned revolutionary and freed the South American continent from colonialism. A big budget movie is about to be released. (more…)

A new 1 Soles coin for Peru

Friday August 08, 2014

Thursday a new 1 soles coin has been issued by the Central Resere Bank (BCR) of Peru. The coin depicts the Huaca de la Luna site (Temple of the Moon).This archaeological site was built between100 BC – 650 AD and is located close to the Northern city of Trujillo. (more…)

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