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What to See in Pisco

There is so much to do and so much to see in Pisco. Check out our list of tourist attractions in the region of Pisco.

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas Pisco

Most of Pisco’s Plaza de Armas has survived after the earthquake in 2007. The statue of José de San Martín as well as the Moorish Municipality building, the town hall that was built in 1929 were not that affected – unlike the cathedral that had to be renewed.

Tambo Colorado

Tambo Colorado Pisco

The archaeological site of Tambo Colorado (or Pucallacta) located 39 km from Pisco was one of the main administrative centers of the Inca culture. Its adobe walls were painted entirely red and it has a small museum site with models that show their original splendor. Tambo Colorado was an important junction between the coast and the Ayacucho sierra.

Cathedral of Pisco

The Cathedral of Pisco is also called the Iglesia San Clemente de Pisco. After being damaged in an earthquake in 2007, a new, modern church was constructed in 2012. This cathedral is not as beautiful as the old cathedral, but still worth a visit.

Fuente San Martin

The fountain San Martin is located in the pedestrian zone of Pisco, which is situated west of the Plaza de Armas. Visitors can find benches next to the fountain – a perfect place to have a rest after a tiring day.

Malecón Miranda

The Malecón Miranda or Malecón de Pisco is a boardwalk next to the sea. Like other sites in Pisco, this boardwalk was affected by the earthquake in 2007.

Islas Chincha

The Chincha Islands are a group of three small islands located 21 kilometers off the southwestern coast of Peru near the city of Pisco. The islands are composed mainly of granite and their cliffs are the home to large number of seabirds. Centuries ago the Chincha culture, a pre-Inca culture, inhabited the islands. Nowadays, various birds and sea lions live there.


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