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Potosi Silver Mines


Potosi Silver Mines

Potosí is a city in southern central Bolivia, located at the foot of the mountain Cerro Rico. This mountain bears big amounts of silver, thanks to which Potosí turned into one of the largest cities in the world in the early 17th century. The city still depends on the valuable resource, having built its infrastructure mainly on mining. In this tour, you can get an insight into the daily life of the workers in the silver mines, hear first-hand about the communities’ mystic beliefs and experience the working environment at Cerro Rico. You will be accompanied by a professional guide at all times, while walking through the old mines, seeing tools and materials used by the miners of Potosí.


We begin this tour with a safety briefing and equipment explanation. On our way through Potosí, we come through the local mining market, where we can see mining materials and you can buy small gifts to give to the workers, like coca leaves (optional). Afterwards we are guided to the mines, where we can enter and explore the work environment together with our professional guide. Before entering the mines, you will be equipped with a safety jacket, pants, rubber boots, helmets as well as an electric lamp. On the tour inside the tunnels of Cerro Rico, we can see the statues that miners pray to for protection, learn about the daily work in the mine and talk with miners as they go about their work. After the tour through the mines, we will head back to the starting point.


Practical Information

Leaving: daily
Duration: ca. 3,5h
Price: Contact us for more Information
Others: Please note that all itineraries are subject to change

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