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Mancora Tours

Máncora is a paradise for travelers in Peru that want to enjoy sun, sea, and sand. Being a destination for summer holidays, Máncora offers various fine sandy beaches. Surfing, swimming, sandboarding, kayaking, relaxing – everything is possible in Mancora. Holidays in Máncora enable a combination of adventure, by offering activities like sandboarding on the Médano Blanco dune in Piura, and relax. And how about a tour to the city of Piura to make some cultural experiences while traveling?

Tour Packages in Mancora

Circuit of Beaches Piura
In this nice tour to the seaside of Piura we will visit a number of beautiful beaches in the area. Starting out with the Yacila...
City Tour Piura and Catacaos
For those who would like to add some cultural experience to their visit in Mancora, there are some nice tours around the city of Piura....
Sandboarding and Kayak Piura
For this adventurous tour in Piura, we will head out into the desert close to the city of Sechura. The most beautiful sand dune here is...
Snorkeling and Diving in Mancora
Explore the marine world of the North Peruvian coast! Mancora not only offers great beaches to relax and take in sun, you can also do...

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