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Chiclayo Tours

In Chiclayo, in the north of Peru, you get to know the Moche and Sicán cultures. Outside Chiclayo, you find the Lord of Sipán, a world-famous mummy of the Moche culture. Combine this with a tour of the beautiful pyramids in Huacas and the Pomac Forest Historial Sanctuary near Batán Grande which is supposed to be the center of the Lambayeque culture. Everywhere you will find impressive, golden masks, being a symbol of these cultures. Chiclayo – a top destination to discover and explore ancient Peruvian cultures.

Tour Packages in Chiclayo

City Tour Chiclayo
The city of Chiclayo is famous for its impressive archaeological sites dating back to the Mochica and Sicán cultures. However, a...
Lord of Sipán Tour
The Lord of Sipán (El Señor de Sipán) is the name given to the first of several mummies of the Moche culture, found at Huaca Rajada, an...
Sicán Culture Tour
This tour takes us outside of Chiclayo into the fascinating setting of the Pomac Forest Historical Sanctuary near the city of Batán...

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