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Cajamarca Tours

Not yet very popular among travelers in Peru, the city of Cajamarca is free of mass tourism. A perfect destination for travelers that want to go to places of the beaten track. Cajamarca is a historic city with cultural highlights such as the Ventanillas de Otuzco, an archaeological site. Don’t miss out on Cumbemayo with its petroglyphs that help to understand the ancient Peruvian culture. Add some relax to your trip, with a tour of the hot springs Baños del Inca!

Tour Packages in Cajamarca

Hot springs: Baños del Inca
This tour leads us into the Baños del Inca district of Cajamarca. The city of Cajamarca marks an important turning point for the Inca...
City Tour Cajamarca
Cajamarca in the North of Peru is historically known for the Battle of Cajamarca, which marked the defeat of the Inca Empire by the...
Cumbemayo Tour
The archaeological site of Cumbe Mayo is located 20 km southwest of the city of Cajamarca approximately 45 minutes by car, at an...
Windows of Otuzco
The Ventanillas de Otuzco is an archaeological site located in the district of Baños del Inca, 8 km northwest of the city of Cajamarca....

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