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Emily McGlynn (United States):

"Thanks for an excellent adventure! I loved it, learned a lot and had a great time."

Roos de Paepe Laurens (Netherlands):

"I loved this trek and will never forget it. The guide knows a lot and is very friendly. Thank you Puma and Dos Manos Travel Agency in Cusco!"

Vijaya Gopu (United States):

"All the tours were really good and the arrangements made by Dos Manos were very satisfactory!"

Mike Bruijns (Netherlands): "Well worth it"

The Inca Trail was challenging for me. I had some problems with the altitude. I was comforted by our guide that it was no competition, and that I had to take time to rest whenever I felt needing them.
Not all toilets were clean. I know that might be too much to ask, but at one time our guide got one of the porters to clean them extra. We gave that porter extra tip.
The food was amazing. Compliments to the chef for the variety in meals. I loved that we had traditional dishes too, what a great way to get to know the Peruvian kitchen
The equipment was good. Tents were comfortable, though I was lucky to have one for myself. I slept surprisingly well after a bad camping experience last year.
Personally I liked that the group only existed of 8 people. Everything is just a little more efficient. We really felt like family afterwards.
The porters have been working so hard, which is much appreciated. They were well organized. Everything was set up when we arrived at the camp (or we were slow, haha). They were running up and down the mountains and always had time for a smile.
Our guide, made this Inca Trail unforgettable. He was supportive, patient, funny and competent. He was always able to tell us stories about the Inca´s, the mountains or the animals living there. He has a fun way of getting you through this challenge, which is a talent if you ask me. He didn´t forget about the porters, introducing them to us and the other way around. One couple was married for one year on the last day, and he didn´t forget about that. The chef and his team made a cake especially for them, which was very special.
All in all it was an unforgettable experience. Waking up early was no problem, because I knew what I did it for. The organization and the people made it very special. This is was the reason I also booked my jungle excursion with Dos Manos Travel Agency in Cusco. Had a wonderful time at the Lodge. It was such a pleasure to spend a few days in a small part of the Amazone.
I have met various people again, and had a great time trekking, watching animals, feeding caiman and so many more things! Well worth it!! Thank you very much I will never forget!!

Tamera Orrantia (Netherlands):

"Excellent service, guide and trek. Will recommend Dos Manos again!"

Dianne Arellano (United States):
 "more than I expected"

Fabulous trek! Everything was more than I expected. The guide was very friendly, encouraging and confident in leading. The food was excellent and the equipment great, with very nice tents and mats. Thank you so much for such a great experience and adventure. Will recommend!

David Kaweda (Australia):

"The cook was awesome and the guide the friendliest I ever had. Top crew! Thank you very much."

Matthew Grimes (United States):

"Great trip! The guide was excellent and did everything he could to make us comfortable and enjoy the experience."

Carl Chalmers (United States):

"The Dos Manos guide made the trip. He was very entertaining, caring and a great. Also would like to give a thank you to the very helpful horsemen. Would recommend Dos Manos to others!"

Eva van Rijnsoever (Netherlands):

"Very nice trip. Very good hostel in Aguas Calientes and a really good guide, cook and horsemen."


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