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Bettina Dworschak : "A big thank you!"

Dear team of Dos Manos, we enjoyed the Inca trail with you from the beginning until the end! At the beginning we didn't know what is expecting us but then, the service of the porters, especially the food of Sebastian and our guide Manuel were great! Sometimes it was a bit of a luxury for us because when we arrived at the camps, the tents were already set up and we could already wash our hands to eat the large amount of food, also everything in the mountains was great. A big Thank you to the group and all the others!
For us it was very interesting to have conversations with you and we hope that we were a great group for you guys!
Again, thank you very much for the Inca Trail!
Bettina Dworschak, Austria, bettinadworschak@gmx.at Thomas Vesely, Austria, thomas.vesely@ams.at Doris Hahn, Austria, doris_hahn2004@yahoo.com

Nathan Vermeiren : "The trek is exhausting but was worth it"

Two weeks ago I did the Inca Trail with Dos Manos and it was amazing. The guide new the history and the food was delicious and the services excellent. The trek is exhausting but was worth it. The views were astonishing. The trip is something incredible and I cannot explain it by using only words. I recommend to do that when you are in Peru

Marieke Gans :
 "I really had a great time!"

I went on the Inca Trail 20th November and I really had a great time. Dos Manos had everything good arranged. Tea every morning, good camping stuff and very good food!! (I'm still wondering how that was possible......) Our guide was very nice and told a lot about everything. The history of Inca, the ruins. At MP he also told a lot, very interesting. Other people who didn't have such a good guide were very jealous! When we arrived back at Cusco, there was someone to pick us up, what was quite a nice surprise!!

Peter Bognar :
 "An unforgettable tour"

The Inka trail was excellent. All your Equipment was good and our two guides, Manuel and Alex where great. They made us an unforgettable tour on this 4 day and also all porters were very friendly, and helpful for all our requests. Please transmit them our acknowledgement for their work!

Tamara Hooijman (Netherlands): "What a view!"

At the 5th of November we went with a group of 14 persons to the Inca-Trail. Early we met for breakfast and then went to Ollantaytambo with the bus. Immediately we were impressed: On a parking lot they prepared a whole table for us with chairs and pools to clean our hands... everything was great! For our group there were 2 leaders and 20 packers. They carried the tents, food and other important things. We had our own bolstered sleeping bags and mats. Die first day had a walk of 14 km where we went from 2500m up to 3000m. We stopped regularly as I was not at 100% but I made it. Norma stayed in the back to catch the slower ones of us. Die landscape was beautiful and we stopped at a ruin and had lunch. Unbelievable! They built up a tent where we ate a 4 course meal with 14 people. Very tasty food, also for vegetarians, every day. Die first day was beautiful in terms of weather on the camping site, the tents were also built up already.

We got woken up at the next day with hot tea in the bed at 6 am. We put some tea in our cups and met the carriers at breakfast. He was a man of 60 years!! They are astonishing people who walk this trail with 25 kg on their back. This day we got from 3000m up to 4200m, the Dead Woman's Pass. Then we went down on 3600m for 10km. At the third day we woke up at 5 in the morning because it was the longest day (16km). At the beginning we planned to go up to 3900m and then go down to 2600m. I go better up than I go down. What a pain in the knees and muscles. I feel like an old woman. I cannot understand why these steps are so high as I am taller than an Incan woman. The landscape is definitely worth it. To see the ruins at good weather was fantastic. It was foggy so we didn't see everything but we saw nice mountains and many flowers and Calibri's. In the tent again it was possible to take a hot shower, which was really good. We went to drink something in the camp, said goodbye to the carriers and shared a bottle of Rum.

Next day at 3.50 am (!) we got taken out of bed, this time without tea. We had to hurry up to go to Machu Picchu as one of the first groups. Finally we stood there as the second group when they opened the sun gate, where you see Machu Picchu for the first time. What a view. Unbelievable that the Incas took all the trees from that mountain and built their fortress on it. And they just found it in the 20th century!

Marieke van der Lelie : "Really four star meals!"

I heard many stories about bad experiences about the Inca Trail because of lousy food, lazy guides, and so on. Therefore, I´m very glad about the fact that I booked my trail with Dos Manos, I don´t have any complaint. The guides, as well as the porters (maybe even more) did a marvellous job! The food was so good, that it felt like we were in a restaurant! Realy four star meals!

The Inca Trail is for me a once in a lifetime experience, and I wouldn´t wanted to miss it! Dos Manos made it a fantastic experience for me!

Aart Henk Goossens :
 "Breathtaking views"

I did the 2 day Incatrail with Dos Manos travel agency. The arrival at MachuPicchu and the tour at the site made the whole trip unforgettable!! The enthusiasm of our guide Nancy and the breathtaking views made the trip absolutely a must!!

Martijn Sonderwal :
 "You haven´t done Peru without doing the Inca trail!!"

The Incatrail of 2 days is really a great route!! We had a guide with a high interest level of her job and good knowledge of history. All together it was really nice and I should say: you haven´t done Peru without doing the Inca trail!!

Mary Lou Goossens : "It was an amazing experience"

Hello everybody!!
I just did a hike of 5 days to Choquekirao and back. It was really amazing!! The nature was so astonishing and the ruins were situated in a very beautiful place; on the top of a hill, surrounded by mountains, clouds and rivers! At this moment they are still cleaning up the hill, because actually the whole mountain is covered by ruins. Now you see just the main ruins on top of the hill and some at other points of the hill, but I think when they removed the vegetation from the ruins in a couple of years, it is so big as a village (way bigger than Machu Picchu) and enormously impressing!! Now I am glad that I saw it in this stage with people working on the cleaning of the ruins and now it is not so touristic yet, but I am sure that in a couple of years I will go back to admire all of the ruins! It was an amazing experience and the whole trip was really well organized!!
Really cool, and very nice if you want to do a trip which is a bit harder than the 4 days Inca Trail!!

Maaike Kuijpers : "It is really heavy, but it is really beautifu!"

I participated in the excursion route X-zone - Uchuy Qosqo and it was very cool!.We really had to hike a lot, but the beautiful views made me forget that. The meals were perfect, the camp was okay and the guide was really nice. You really have to go too!! (but only when you don't have a cold or something). It is really heavy, but it is really beautiful and after a steep, tiring walk, you really feel on top of the world!!!

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