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Wiracocha Temple (WIRA)

Temple of Wiracocha


The temple of Wiracocha is part of a larger archaeological complex called ‘Raqchi’.  This archaeological complex is located around 3 hours from Cusco, near the main route to Puno and Lake Titicaca.  It is 3,460m above sea level on the slopes of the volcano ‘Quimsachata’. 

The temple has many typical features of Incan construction during the period of Tawantinsuyu (after 1450) and contains some beautiful examples of Incan walls.  In this picture you can see the Temple of Wiracocha with its central wall still standing.  You can see that the base of the wall is built in the classic Incan style, while above the wall continues in ‘Adobe’ or bricks. 

Despite most of the visible buildings in this complex dating to the Incan period (1450-1532), the occupation of the area appears to date back much further.  Archaeological investigations found evidence of dwellings here dating back as far as 200 B.C. in the style of the ancient ‘Qaluyu-Marcavalle’ culture.  Many Incan and pre-Incan artifacts from many different civilizations such as the Wari (700-1100 A.D.) and the Collao and Inca-Collao (1100-1450).


Wiracocha temple in Raqchi Wiracocha temple

You will be picked up between 6am and 6.15am from your hotel.  From Cusco we travel by bus to Raqchi which takes approximately 3 hours.  Once in Raqchi we will take a guided tour of the complex with a professional bilingual (English-Spanish) guide.  We return to Cusco in the afternoon by the same route, arriving back to your hotel at around 6pm.


Temple of Wiracocha Temple of Wiracocha Raqchi

Practical Information

Fixed Departures apply: for more information
Transport: BY BUS
Length: 1 Day
Price 2017:
Bring With You

Wiracocha Photo camera;
Wiracocha Film camera;
Wiracocha water;
Wiracocha Solar block.
Wiracocha Transport roundtrip;
Wiracocha English speaking guide;
Wiracocha entrances;
Wiracocha lunch in Sicuani.



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